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Ismael Londt – Dutch kickboxer, #10 in the world, and also known as ‘Mr Pain’, is a recent signing with ONE. This man is no stranger to the ring. He boasts a 43-9-1 record, having shared the ring with the likes of Badr Hari, Mirco Cro Cop and Rico Verhoeven, and over a decade of professional experience. Though a date hasn’t been set for his first showing, we expect to see this heavy hitter on the ONE stage this year. Ahead of his debut performance, let’s take a look at the background of Mr Pain.

The origins of Mr Pain

Ismael was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, July 12, 1985, but represents Suriname, a former Dutch colony. It’s a national heritage he shares with the likes of Tyrone Spong and Andy Ristie. He’s a difficult man to research, with little documented about his early life, and less shared with the media. He’s not controversial, his image stays clean, and there’s not much for the public to know about his personal life. He is a professional if nothing else. Ismael will keep to himself in the media, but expresses himself well in the ring. In there he won’t leave anybody wanting.

His career began in 2008 in his home country of the Netherlands. With his first five bouts finishing by decision (including one victory against Rico Verhoeven) he earned himself plenty of ring experience that would be sure to serve him well. Hist first KO came in December of 2009 – the first of many – while his first KO loss was in May 2010. That defeat appeared to spur him on though, winning his next bout just 5 days later. It would be another 13 fights before his next defeat – the longest run of his professional career

One and only heavyweight champion – SUPERKOMBAT

His SUPERKOMBAT career started in July 2011 with a left hook KO to open the tournament, and a first-round TKO that same night to close it. It was a strong start to his career in SUPERKOMBAT. From there he stayed busy, crushing three more opponents until he ran into his first loss at the end of tournament number two. The height of his SUPERKOMBAT career came soon later though, with Ismael taking the heavyweight belt in July 2012; he was the first person in the world to take this title, and the organization never had another. He would stay in SUPERKOMBAT until the end of that year, and from there it was onwards and upwards.

Cream of the crop – K1 and Glory

G29 Tournament.0.0

It’s hard to deny that these organizations are some of the best known and most prestigious kickboxing bodies in the world. Any fighters fighting in one are right to be regarded as some of the best in the sport. Ismael Londt fought in both, as well as a number of other organizations, over 2013 to 2019.

His K1 career opened with a grand-prix, where he was defeated in the final by the legendary Mirco Cro Cop. 2014 was quiet, but a flurry of activity and several stoppages got Mr Pain the call to Glory in 2016 – better late than never, and it certainly was late considering the impressive resume. He wasted no time and won the contenders tournament to catapult him up the rankings. Tournaments are a forte of Ismael Londt, and I’d be excited if one is lined up in his future. We can only hope.

A new home – ONE Championship

Ismael Londt Pose 1200X800

As yet, there’s nothing to say of Ismael’s career in ONE; with COVID stifling the promotion’s attempts to put on shows, it’s hard for anyone to get going. Ismael’s last fight was in July 2019 at Mix Fight 27, but recent months show that there are events going ahead, and with a potential ONE event in Europe [source] this October I’d keep a close eye on this career. With a number of recent signings, it’s hard to speculate who he will debut against, but I’ll guarantee that whoever the opponent is, Ismael Londt will live up to his name of ‘Mr.Pain’.

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