Cheap Seats Chatter: MLB Grab-Bag Friday


It’s Friday again, meaning that it’s time for another episode of Overtime Heroics’ Baseball podcast, Cheap Seats Chatter. As always, Fridays are reserved for MLB Grab-Bag day. A little of this, a little of that… you get the drift.

In this episode, host Cole Raines is joined by Joe Borek and Ken Allison to discuss a little bit about a whole lot of things in and around MLB.

Grab-Bag Show Breakdown

Here’s the Grab Bag timeline for the show. Listen to what you fancy, or better yet, check out the entire show!

  1. Opening Segment: Score-fest: The Braves and Brewers scored 48 runs total between their respective games.
  2. (Begins at 2:15) Who was hot and who wasn’t this week, including Sixto Sanchez.
  3. (5:20) The White Sox are on fire.
  4. (9:38) Can the NL and AL Central teams compete effectively in the postseason against the tougher competition in the East and West Divisions?
  5. (12:48) Can the Yankees somehow turn around an unbelievably poor season?
  6. (16:22) Hey, how ’bout those SF Giants?
  7. (21:05) Props to Brandon Hyde and the Orioles.
  8. (23:10) Will the Dodgers and Astros have another fireworks display when they meet this weekend? Some wounds run deep.
  9. (25:30) Looking back at the Astros, the cheating scandal, and the lack of punishment.
  10. (30:20) Rob Manfred and his lack of integrity and leadership.
  11. (32:00) Will the Astros (and other known cheaters) serve their punishment when it comes time for Hall of Fame voting?
  12. (34:37) Should the MLBPA have a vote in nominating an MLB Commissioner?
  13. (36:28) How are the new rules working out? We cover the universal DH, the three-batter minimum and more!
  14. (51:10) Our choices for Player of the Week.
  15. (58:08) Final thoughts on the week and the season.


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