6 Takeaways From ONE: A New Breed II

ONE: A New Breed II streamed on Friday and gave us some terrific martial arts action. Let’s take a look at some of the most important takeaways from the event.

Pongsiri PK.Saenchai Muaythaigym Passes His First Featherweight Test

A New Breed II

Pongsiri has previously fought at Featherweight, having lost his last two matches against larger, longer opponents. This was his first match at a new class then, and he looked sharp. They came out hard, with Sean Clancy throwing hands and leg kicks back as fast as he received them, but the pressure of Pongsiri won out. He dropped the Irishman in the second round and ultimately took the decision. To Sean’s credit, he’s phenomenally tough. He came out strong in the final round and made the main event one hell of a headliner for A New Breed II.

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Superlek Transitions Well to Kickboxing

Superlek Kiatmoo9 Fahdi Khaled kickboxing 1920X1280 29

Superlek appeared a little concerned in his interviews leading up to the bout. Though a veteran Nak Muay, this would be his first kickboxing match, and it was questionable how well his style would translate. He had nothing to be concerned with. The match was fast-paced, back and forth, and both fighters showed a good range of techniques. Fahdi performed better in their short-range encounters and the Thai broke from his gameplan in round two, favouring a kicking-heavy game and punishing his opponent’s arms. That was enough to dull the hits of Fahdi Khaled and win Superlek a unanimous decision.

Domination by Supergirl – Introducing the Latest ONE Sibling Stars

Supergirl Jaroonsak Muaythai Milagros Lopez 1920X1280 11

16 years old, the younger sister of Wondergirl Fairtex, and ONE debutant, Supergirl crushed her opponent in less than a minute. It was clear in the lead-up to the match that Supergirl was the favourite; look at the articles put out before the event to see a clear bias towards the Thai fighter. Though I’m sure she has technical ability, she bulldozed over the Argentinian with vastly superior power. Milagros Lopez’s attacks didn’t seem to faze Supergirl for a second. With Wondergirl smashing her debut last month, these could be the latest superstar siblings from ONE.

Grappler vs Striker – The Classic Matchup

ONE: A New Breed II featured a trio of MMA matches, all the competitors making their ONE MMA debuts, and all featuring the classic striker vs grappler matchup.

Brogan Stewart Ng Prach Buapa mixed martial arts 1920X1280 17

Brogan Stewart-Ng showed some very effective grappling, and though Buapa put up a good versus the body lock, the writing was on the wall once it hit the ground. Prach Buapa landed some good flurries on his feet but couldn’t maintain range well enough. On the mat, he wasn’t without his own skills, but Brogan was clearly leagues ahead. He opened up with strikes, rag-dolled his opponent with mat returns, and created enough chaos that Buapa gave his back for just a moment and that was all Stewart-Ng needed. I’m interested to see more from the Australian.

Venum May Need Work on the Ground

The first two fights on the card were grappler and striker again. In these matches, both the strikers hailed from Venum Training Camp – Pascal Jaskieviez and Khalid Friggini.

Abu Muslim Alikhanov Pascal Jaskiewiez mixed martial arts 1920X1280 1

Pascal’s takedown defence was left wanting in his bout. With Abu Alikhanov catching kicks into single legs, shooting for takedowns at range, and no sprawling from the Frenchman, I’m not sure Paskal Jaskieviez from ever landed a decent blow. Alikhanov controlled the bout with wrestling from start to finish and ended the bout with a straight ankle lock – not a high-percentage move in MMA. This was Sambo through and through.

Witchayakorn Niamthanom Khalid Friggini mixed martial arts 1920X1280 7

Khalid Friggini entered his own match aggressive and confident. Ultimately finding his undoing with that gameplan, coming into range early and being taken down with ease. Friggini looked lost on the ground and did little but stall Witchayakorn. He rolled to try and come to his feet, gave up his back and his neck, and was finished with ease. If anything, he looked lost against Witchayakorn Niamthanom, who fought a very good match.

That put the score at 3 matches to the grapplers. It was said a couple of times by the commentators, but Venum’s camp is predominantly striking-based and I’m inclined to agree. On the ground, they both needed some additional work.

Closing Thoughts for A New Breed II

ONE has a far more developed kickboxing and Muay Thai card than it has MMA. The mixed martial arts bouts are often good but clearly have newer blood. This is also evident in their placement on the card – striking bouts often sit at the head, not only the main event but also the couple leading up to it. Just look at every card since the lockdown dry spell. I’m interested to see how the roster develops in the coming months. As for Muay Thai and kickboxing, the matches being put on are some of the most exciting around. Keep an eye on them.

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