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Glory 76: Badr vs Benny

After recent situations with their planned events, Glory has rescheduled its Glory 76 event to a media facility in the Netherlands. This event is now scheduled for Saturday, November 7th, 2020. There will not be a live crowd at this event.


Cedric vs Murthel. Glory 76
Who takes the trilogy?

The co-main event for Glory 76 will be the highly anticipated trilogy fight for the Glory Welterweight World Title between Cedric and Murthel.

These two are currently tied at one fight apiece, with the most recent interaction going the way of the challenger, Murthel Groenhart, at Glory 44 back in 2017.

Badr vs Benny

Badr vs Benny poster. Glory 76

The Badr Army has been awaiting the return of their general, Badr Hari, since he suffered a cruel injury back in December against heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven. This was a fight that many believed he was winning. In fact, both of Badr’s losses to Rico have come from him being unable to compete due to injury.

In order for Hari to get another shot, he must first get through this title contender fight. His opponent? Benny Adegbuyi. This is by far the greatest challenge to date for Benny. None the less, it is a challenge he will relish in.

Will we see Benny spoil the party at Glory 76 and earn a shot at the heavyweight king Rico Verhoeven? Or will Hari win and get his opportunity to finally get that win over Rico that has evaded him for far too long?

Badr Hari. Glory 76

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