BREAKING: MLB to Play Postseason In a Bubble


Talks about the postseason being played in a bubble really heated up in the last two weeks, but nothing was truly finalized. It had seemed to just be talks and ideas being thrown out. This is why it became a shocker when Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported that MLB and MLBPA came to an agreement last night on the playoffs. The MLB postseason will be in a bubble of sorts for the Division Series, Championship Series, and World Series with neutral sites. While not everything is finalized and announced, we at least have the answer for how they’ll have a postseason.

Rules and Regulations for MLB Postseason Bubble

The rules on families and who will be let in aren’t set in stone yet. Rob Manfred had hinted at fans watching bubble games as the NFL has had fans in the stands for some games, and Manfred was hopeful that baseball could pull it off. Trying to figure out who will be let in or not will be difficult, but we do know of some postseason rules. We know that alcohol will not be permitted in MLB clubhouses to prevent the sharing of bottles. They want to handle this as safely as possible because a COVID-19 outbreak in the middle of the playoffs could end a season.

How This Move Looks for MLB

Personally, I think this move makes a ton of sense and it reduces the risk of a mass breakout. While, yes, it stinks that we won’t see teams play in their home stadiums, they weren’t going to have fans anyways. It’s best to play it safe, and I bet that’s what Manfred is thinking. The benefits are that they are supposedly using neutral sites, unlike the hints at using places like Minute Maid Park or Dodger Stadium, which would be clear advantages for the Dodgers and Astros. We, however, can only gauge how it’s received based on how the players feel, as they’re the ones who are actually going to be playing in those conditions.

This is a weird year, and, while a bubble isn’t revolutionary, it’s probably for the best.

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