ROSTERMANIA: Post-MW, Return of 4v4


I took some time off, watched COD champs, however, I failed to bring some coverage on it. Congratulations to Dallas Empire, C6, Clayster and all the young guns. However, MW season is finally over and brings us back to Treyarch. Not even days after winning his 3rd ring, Clayster was dropped on his head after the announcement that 4v4 would be returning to competitive COD. Now that we have who is a free agent and who is not, let the games begin. Technically, it begins next Monday, however, there are internal talks and rumors, and things are heating up.

What 4v4 Means For the CDL?

No expansion teams and 12 starters getting dropped off the bat is not a good start. However, 4v4 is 100% the right move for the future of competitive Call of Duty. It is easier to follow; it flows more and overall it makes for more exciting gameplay. Now, it would have been nice to start off franchising like this because now 12+ people are out of jobs. However, this is a move that needed to happen after 2 years of 5v5 just did not flow the same as the old 4v4 did.

Early Rumors

We are about a week away from FA officially kicking off and just days away from the Cold War multiplayer trailer. However, some things seem to be already set in place in terms of rosters. Actually, it seems all rosters are set internally, contracts just have to be all worked out. The major news from the early rumors is Dashy to Chicago, Arcitys to Atlanta and Priestahh to Los Angeles; even though it seems that has possibly fell through. Dashy to Chicago seems almost imminent as Scump is who Dashy has been wanting to team with when rosters split. The Arcitys news is a bit of a shock, but a real solid fit. As for Priestahh, a move to OGLA would be a nice fit as well as a nice 100T reunion, however, he will be a solid fit no matter where he lands.

4v4 Restructuring


Now, we come to the teams that have dropped everyone and are hitting the full restart button. Seattle kept Octane and dropped the rest, giving Octane a clean slate to work with. Names like Gunless, John, Prestinni and Preistahh have been rumored to join him, but who knows. Another roster that has broken things up is Minnesota. No one is left for the ROKKR and they are looking for a clean slate after a brutal 180 to their Modern Warfare season. The Los Angeles Guerillas are next. It seems as if Vivid is still on the roster, but the last-place team from a year ago has hit restart. Other teams that will have lots of work to do with their roster include the Toronto Ultra, London Royal Ravens and Paris Legion.

I will be covering this a lot, as this is some exciting news for eSports and COD fans. The Grand Finale between Faze and Empire drew over 300,000 viewers. Hopefully, going into the second year of franchising, things get more intense, more competitive and we see numbers reach from 400 – 500 thousand. And the good news is, Cold War is a Treyarch-made game, so hopefully good things are near. Oh, and 4v4 returns!

One last thing, this whole roster-mania shakeup is for Black Ops: Cold War. The multiplayer was on Wednesday, September 9 and gameplay looked good. Some pros like Scump and Priestahh seemed to like it and, while it does need some tune-ups, we should be in for a good competitive year.

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