Three Word Game for Sunday’s AFC Games

Week One brought many shockers, improvements, and missed field goals. There was lots of superb passing and questions answered as I react to the AFC’s weekend games with Colin Cowherd’s Three Word Game.

Jets vs. Bills: Stop Hating Allen

Is Josh Allen a Tom Brady? No. Is Josh Allen a Mitch Tribusky? No. He isn’t bad but isn’t great. He is a solid quarterback on a defensive led football team. He completed 71.7% of his passes and accounted for two touchdowns in his win against the Jets. I’ve seen hate on him and how he isn’t a good passer and how he is only a good rusher. But his running was more of a problem against the Jets. He carried the ball 14 times, garnering 57 yards, while coughing up the ball twice. I see no worry for the former Wyoming quarterback as a passer.

Three Word Game

Dolphins vs. Patriots: More Like Fitztragic

Ryan Fitzpatrick was horrible against the Pats yesterday, throwing three interceptions in the opener on 191 yards. The Patriots have one of the best defenses in the league, but the Dolphins are not thinking straight by going with Fitztragic. On the other hand, the Patriots looked solid with Cam Newton at quarterback. His rushing looked more like his old self with two touchdowns and he can definetly be the guy to take this team into January.

David Butler II

Browns vs. Ravens: Lamar Will Repeat

My friend and I said something along the lines of, “Lamar looks better,” as he tore apart the Browns, throwing for 275 yards on 20 completions. Jackson looked like more like a pocket passer than a record setting rusher as he only ran for 45 yards. His mechanics and fundamentals don’t look good but his throws found the hands of his receivers and he led his team to complete domination. The former MVP now is a dual threat and may run away with the award again this season.

Tommy Gilligan

Colts vs. Jaguars: Somehow Jacksonville Won

The Colts had 7 minutes more time of possession, 22 more plays, over 200 more total yards, 10 more first downs, and still lost. How? Turnovers. Two costly picks that led to short fields for Jacksonville gave the Jaguars enough for the win. The Colts are the better team moving forward but just couldn’t close the game out.

Douglas DeFelice

Chargers vs. Bengals: Dey Are Bad

The Bengals managed to lose to Tyrod Taylor and the Chargers 16-13 with a lack luster everything. The offense is led by former Heisman winner, Joe Burrow, who was below average in his first start. Two turnovers, passing for an average of 5.4 yards, and only getting 193 yards on 46 attempts. He will have success in the NFL, but Burrow has lots of room to grow. The Bengals as a whole aren’t going to have a great year.

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