Texans Looking like Pretenders in 34-20 Loss

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The Texans lost 34-20 on opening night to the Chiefs on Thursday. The score made it seem much closer than it really was.

Texans offense sputters

After going up 7-0 on a David Johnson touchdown, the Chiefs put up 31 unanswered points. The Texans seemed to be trying to run the ball with David Johnson in situations they needed to throw. Coach O’ Brien was probably trying to prove a point that he traded for the right guy. Johnson finished with good stats, but it felt like they were force-feeding him at points. The offense looked out of rhythm.

David Johnson put the Texans on the board first against the Chiefs. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Deshaun Watson was doing all he could, but people weren’t getting open. Not having DeAndre Hopkins was noticeable, as Watson didn’t have a go-to guy on third down. This trade looks pretty laughable with Hopkins setting a career-high, 14 receptions, and 151 yards in a Cardinals win against the 49ers. It’s a shame because Watson and Hopkins could have been a special duo, but O’ Brien made one of the dumbest trades I have seen in my lifetime.

Defense was not much better

As for the defense, they didn’t look terrible, but they didn’t look good. They couldn’t stop Clyde Edwards-Helaire, and when you can’t stop the Kansas City run game, the whole offense is unstoppable. They lack the playmakers and firepower to come up with big plays. JJ Watt is obviously not the same player. He lacks the explosiveness he once had and can’t dominate. The defensive backfield lacked the speed to keep up with the Chiefs, and the defensive line couldn’t penetrate at all.

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Bill O’Brien has shown over and over again, with stupid decisions and terrible roster moves, that he deserves to be fired. The Texans only recently became relevant because of Deshaun Watson, their only good quarterback ever, unless you count Brock Osweiler leading them to the divisional round as a success. With O’Brien as head coach, the Texans have made the playoffs 3 out of 6 seasons.

Never were they a real contender, and they won’t be this year. It may be early in the season, but don’t expect much more than what you saw. This is a mediocre team that will waste Deshaun Watson’s talent and finishes somewhere around .500. Probably ending in Bill O’Brien’s termination.

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