The Lamb of Oakland

Jake Lamb struggled to get going with Arizona after an All-Star 2017 campaign. Since then it has been a real struggle for Lamb to stay healthy and, when healthy, to get going. This is in large part because when he shows some promise he, unfortunately, went down for the D-Backs yet again. Now that he is in Oakland with the Athletics, Lamb gets a change of scenery and a chance of a rebirth of his career.

Will Lamb have a rebirth? I say yes, and he has already gotten off to a good start. Even if Lamb were to struggle the Athletics still have Sheldon Neuse if need be and Pinder once he comes off the IL for a hamstring injury. Although, as stated before Lamb got off to a good start and that was before even putting him in the field. With his injury history all though he’s a solid defender, to say the least, it is a question whether he will see the field a lot or not? I would have to lean at least with him getting some time in the field due to Chapman being out for the year and Machin being more defense first. If Lamb starts being the one to take the next step then expect him to get some time at third.

Going off the last paragraph, do not expect him to see more than two in a row in the field though. Lamb started his Athletics career on a good footing going 2-4. with an RBI on a sweet-swinging homer to right. Lamb is a player who I believe if he stays healthy can still mash and produce it is all about health. Lamb is with a very good team with a top-notch experienced staff. This is the perfect setting for him to turn it on again and get his career back in the right direction.

I, for one, am excited to see what Lamb can do for the Athletics. Furthermore, I am excited to see what the Athletics can do for Lamb to help him one to stay healthy, and two to get going full boar again. This is a great no-risk high reward pickup for the Oakland Athletics now all we need to do is hope Lamb can turn it around with this stuff. Especially because the Lamb of Oakland has a nice ring to it.

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