College Basketball to start on November 25th

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The best news of the day came out of the NCAA. They have decided that the 2020-21 college basketball season can officially start on November 25th. So college hoops fans, MARK YOUR CALENDARS. Per the NCAA as well, teams can start practice on October 14th, as well as having eight hours of on court work instead of 4 starting on the 21st of September. The NCAA has also decided that college teams can have a minimum of a 13 game schedule.

College basketball fans have been heartbroken since the announcement of both conference and the NCAA tournaments were going to be canceled. As COVID-19 struck the US hard, all sports came to a screeching halt. Sports fans had no idea when they were going to be able to see their favorite team take the field or court again, but most remained optimistic. As for me, seeing the NBA have a pretty successful return, I started to immediately started to think about college basketball and if the NCAA could find a way to bring it back. Hearing this news has me locked and loaded for the 2020-21 college basketball season. ARE YOU GUY’S READY??

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