The Greatest MLB Player of The Last 25 Years

In the past 25 years, MLB has seen some phenomenal players. From the kid in Seattle to the current stars of the league, and everyone in between. Through the past 25-year years there have been records shattered and playoff heroes born. Who is the greatest MLB player of the past 25 years?

Missed the Cut

An argument can be made for everyone, but unfortunately, some people will miss the cut. This in no way is meant to take away from their legacy in any way. Each player has done or is going to do amazing things for the game of baseball.

Mike Trout

Trout is undoubtedly the best player in baseball right now. He may even go down as the greatest of all time, but he simply has not done enough quite yet to compete with the rest. The three-time MVP has many more years to etch his name on the list.

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Alex Rodriguez

This may or may not surprise some, but Rodriguez did not make the cut. The three-time MVP, 14-time all-star, and one-time World Series champion was at one point one of the fiercest hitters in baseball. A-Rod currently sits fourth all-time in home runs, falling four long balls short of 700. Although he did get caught juicing and ended up serving a 162-game suspension for it.

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Derek Jeter

Sorry Yankees fans, but captain Jeter missed the final cut. One of the newest inductees to the MLB Hall of Fame had a very storied career with the Yankees, including five World Series titles and 14 all-star appearances. Unfortunately, Mr. November’s playoff heroics were not enough to push him over the edge.

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Others Who Missed the Cut

Some other players who were considered yet missed the cut. Frank Thomas, Randy Johnson, Mariano Rivera, Ichiro, Greg Maddux, and the late Roy Halladay. All six were great players but unfortunately, the list had to be cut to the final three.

The Final Three

We are down to the final three. Who is the greatest MLB play player of the past 25 years? Now is the time to make the case for the greatest. Factored in are success individually, “help”, and a little bit of team success.

Albert Pujols

The three-time MVP, two-time world series champion, and ten-time all-star made the cut. Pujols who recently past Willie Mayes for fifth on the all-time home run list with his 660-career long ball. Pujols spent his prime tearing up the NL Central with the St. Louis Cardinals. Although Pujols has seemingly disappeared in the last few years his numbers should jump out, as he is PED clean.

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Ken Griffey Jr.

Arguably one of the best to play the game Ken Griffey Jr. should not come as a surprise. Although the 13-time All-Star never found himself a championship, he has found himself a spot in Cooperstown. From 1995-2010 the kid found himself appearing in eight All-Star games and winning one MVP. Mainly throughout the MLB’s steroid era, which Griffey never found himself linked to. Although come the mid-2000s Griffey practically disappeared, he did dominate throughout the 90s.

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Barry Bonds

This would not be a legit list if the homerun king himself was not on it. Barry Bonds hit a total of 762 home runs throughout his career adding 688 intentional walks, both the most of all-time. Bonds is one of the most feared batters in history. He also holds the record for most bombs in one season with 73. To add to his resume, he has captured seven MVPs, including four straight from 2001-2004. Although Bonds was mind-blowing throughout his career, he is yet to be inducted into Cooperstown. The main reason is he was in the limelight during the steroid era, yet there is no proof he was doping.

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The Greatest MLB Player of The Last 25 Years

After careful consideration, the greatest MLB player of the last 25 years goes to, Albert Pujols. Many forget how truly dominant he was, while not doping. He may have slowed down as of late but since he has broken into the league, he has been special. Fifth all-time in home runs, six-time silver slugger, three-time MVP, and ten-time All-Star; all without doping. Once Pujols hangs his cleats up, the countdown to Cooperstown will begin and he will join Mariano Rivera as the only two unanimous Hall of Famers.

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