The Opening Days of Rostermania


The rumors have come true. Dashy is on Chicago reuniting with Scump. Arcitys officially joins Atlanta Faze to team with the Tiny Terrors. And, Minnesota completely revamped their roster taking two from New York and Atlanta. It has only been 5 days, but the shakeup of the league is already intense. Not to even mention the league switching to PC or what will teams like Seattle, LAG and Paris do.

Chicago Calls on Bruce

His real name’s Brandon, but everyone knows him by Bruce. Dashy has officially departed OGLA and teamed with Scump, Envoy and Formal in Chicago. This comes as a shock to basically no one. Dashy was trying to join Chicago even before the Modern Warfare season. Now, he is apart of a team that placed 3rd at champs. Going back to a Treyarch game where Envoy came alive, Dashy was a top-3 player in the game and he pairs with T2P, this lineup is NASTY. Well, on paper. Egos could get in the way of this roster, but in terms of pure talent, this is one of the best in the league.

EUnited Reunited

faze hams
PC: @AtlantaFaze on twitter

Speaking of pure talent, did Atlanta Faze just get better? A team who finished 2nd added one of the best ARs in the game. Formal and Arcitys was a tough pair as both are top-tiered Mains in the Call of Duty scene. Major and Preistahh are amazing players, but were the odd men out. Arcitys joins his brothers that he won a championship with at EUnited in Simp and ABeZy. Add Cellium to that mix and this team is up there in terms of talent. Faze will be another team to look out in Cold War as right now it is shaking up to be one of the craziest seasons.

ROKKR Revamped

The Minnesota ROKKR dropped their entire squad and picked up a new 4. From Atlanta Faze, MajorManiak and Preistahh go North, and from the NYSL, Accuracy and Attach join these two to form a solid 4-stack. All these players are winners. Attach is a world champion, and the three others have won multiple championships in multiple different games. This is a real good squad. Where roles could look a bit off coming from a MW game where two were mains and two were flexes, this team should do just fine. Attach and Priestahh in games prior were recognized subs, in WW2 and even MW, Accuracy was a top AR and Major showed in Black Ops 4 how good of a flew he was. This team has as good potential as anyone as they are 4 players who rely on their IQ and communication over anything. Minnesota should be in good hands when it comes to Cold War.


Wow. Crazy news. This is huge for the future of Call of Duty eSports. PC is advanced when it comes to specs, FPS and servers. However, is it really when it comes to the new consoles? I am no expert so I won’t give my opinion, just an interesting thing to think of. However, it it still a huge development when it comes to the Cold War season and the move to 4v4.

We are months way from the CDL kicking off, but man do we wish it was sooner. The teams forming are exciting and the game looks amazing.

Also, calling all Call of Duty and PS4 owners, who is ready to play some Cold War alpha! This weekend only, before the Beta kicks off in a few weeks! Man, we are in the closing months and I am ready for the Cold War season.

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