Colby Covington vs Tyron Woodley

After a long, drawn-out process, we finally have Woodley vs Covington. Its a fight with political differences apparent and hostility applied. However, we’re taking a look at the technical differences here and how each other’s style matches up.

Colby Covington

Colby Covington

Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington is a welterweight fighting out of Florida. Formerly of American Top Team, Colby has now moved to MMA Masters, also based in Florida. Chaos’ last fight was vs Kamaru Usman, for the Welterweight title. It was an enthralling 5 round war that went from being billed as two of the top wrestlers in the division, ending up in a kickboxing match. A fight that was razor close going into the 5th, Colby showed grit and determination that is expected of a great champion.

5ft 11, 72′ reach, Colby is deceptively large at Welterweight. He’s taller and long, with a good reach, and he uses his length brilliantly on the ground and on the feet.

Tyron Woodley

tyron woodley

Formerly the Champion of the world, Woodley has been falling in and out of love with the UFC fans for a while now. Often accused of using the race-card, Woodley has every right now to push the Black Lives Matter cause. Up against a man who has built his whole gimmick around a controversial President, Woodley has been turning fans back on his side the last few weeks by promoting a worthy cause.

Fighting out of St.Louis, Missouri, Woodley is looking to try and kick start his career, and a victory against Covington does exactly that.

Fight Breakdown

Whilst both men are good wrestlers, Covington on the feet has one glaring weakness. His front hand is almost never brought back up to protect the chin. He throws it and brings it back in but never up.

Screen Recording 20200918 182539 UFC 1
Screen Recording 20200918 182539 UFC 2
Screen Recording 20200918 182539 UFC 3

In the Maia fight, Colby at the same shot, over and over again from Maia. The left hand over his front hand. The clips above, all in a 5-second spell. Against someone like Woodley, he can’t consider that. Later on in the fight, Maia was able to figure out that Colby is vulnerable after throwing and landed some clean shots back. Keeping in mind Maia is often memed online for his striking prowess, yet still found the big holes in Colby’s striking.

Screen Recording 20200918 182539 UFC 5

Colby eats a telegraphed left hand clean on the chin from Maia and does nothing to counter. In return, Woodley doesn’t throw enough volume to have Colby backing up, so it will be the same old, backing up, waiting for the opportunity to land his right hand on Colby’s chin.

I imagine Colby will look to the Usman vs Woodley fight for success. Woodley has never been taken down as much than that fight, and Colby will be hoping to do the same. Open mat wrestling is probably in favor of Woodley, however, Colby has a brilliant way of smashing you against the fence, almost similar to Khabib, but very different at the same time. He won’t be as ruthless and cynical as Khabib, but he’ll hold you there as long as he needs. This is something Woodley needs to seriously avoid.


I think Colby takes it by decision. I think he emulates Usman vs Woodley and uses his pressure to stall him. I do however think Woodley can hurt Colby bad. Whilst showing a solid chin, it was broken in his last outing, and Woodley hits harder than almost anyone at that weight. It’s a fight we’ve waited on for years and it’s one we finally get to see come Saturday night!

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