How DJ LeMahieu and the Yankees Changed in One Week

DJ LeMahieu
LeMahieu excelled at three positions and nearly won a batting title in 2019. (Mary Altaffer/AP/New York Daily

For the 2020 New York Yankees, things seemed to be going very well for them in this 60-game season, getting them to a 16-6 record. It was then the Yankees dug themselves in a big hole, winning only five games and losing 15 games to be at a record of 21-21. But then the Yankees seemed to turn it around. They’ve won ten straight and are now holding onto a second-place AL spot in the playoffs. But what did happen? How did DJ LeMahieu Yankees turn it around? Well, let’s look at both last week and this week to find out.

How the Offense and DJ Lemahieu Failed Weeks Ago

After the seven-game losing streak, a win over the New York Mets on August 29th ended the losing streak. The Yankees would sweep the Mets. However, they would have to face the Tampa Bay Rays for the final time this season. They managed to win one game in that series, as the Yankees went another 5- game losing streak. Losing 3 out of 4 against the Baltimore Orioles and two games out of three against Toronto Blue Jays, the Yankees team looked like it was going nowhere near the playoffs.

Why Did the Team Lose a Lot?

The main reason for the losing streaks were the two elements of the team with pitching and hitting. Both factors couldn’t help each other when one was doing their part. When a pitcher had a good performance, the offense couldn’t muster up any hits, and when they did, they were usually home runs. Most of the time, the crime fell flat, and nobody was hitting at all. But the pitchers had their issues as well. A perfect example was on September 7th against the Toronto Blue Jays. The Yankees hitting was finally consistent for the first time in many games.

How Do the Yankees Blow It

When it was 6-2 going into the 6th inning, Boone sent out Chad Greene to pitch that inning. Green gave up two walks and a single, and a run on an error. So, Boone took out Greene and put in Adam Ottavino. Ottavino gives up three singles that sent runs in, and a grand slam to Danny Jensen to make it 12-6 Blue Jays. The Blue Jays had a ten-run inning, and the Yankees offensive game got ruined all because the one reliever failed to get two outs. After the loss and the subsequent loss to the Blue Jays, Luke Voit decided to do something to turn this season around for the Yankees.

The Return of DJ LeMahieu and the Yankees Offense

After the 2nd loss to the Toronto Blue Jays by a score of 2-1, Luke Voit, during the post-game, finally addresses on one thing. He preaches that the team is playing like crap, and he is tired of it. Keep in mind, nobody else, not even Aaron Boone, was addressing this. But thankfully, this team must’ve heard the message because the very next day, the Yankees won 7-2 to gain one win in that series. The Yankees then returned to the Bronx to play the Baltimore Orioles. They managed to shut out the Orioles in the first game of the doubleheader 6-0, while Gerrit Cole threw a two-hit shutout. The next match saw the Yankees dominate the Orioles 10-1 behind Luke Voit’s two home runs. The following two games, the Yankees offense came clutch late when Luke Voit won it on a sacrifice fly, and Gleyber Torres worked a game-winning RBI double in the 8th inning.

How DJ LeMahieu and the Yankees Overpower the Blue Jays

Then there was the series against the Toronto Blue Jays. The first game saw the Yankees score 20 runs to beat the Blue Jays. Luke Voit helped with two home runs in that game, while most of the offense came in the bottom of the 2nd inning. In the next game, the Yankees dominated the Jays again by a score of 13-2. Gerrit Cole threw a no-hitter going in the 6th inning before Jonathan Villar broke it up. Most of the runs came in part of Kyle Higashioka‘s three home runs and DJ LeMahieu‘s two home runs. The final game of that series saw the Yankees sweeping the Blue Jays 10-7.

Back-to-back-to-back home runs by Brett Gardner, DJ LeMahieu, and Luke Voit helped the Yankees take the lead to 7-2. Adding two more home runs by Giancarlo Stanton and Gleyber Torres to make it 9-2, the Yankees would win 10-7. The Yankees have now won nine straight, including a win over the Boston Red Sox on Friday night, thanks to DJ LeMahieu’s clutch hitting in the 12th. The Yankees would end up shutting out the Red Sox 8-0 on Saturday, thanks to J.A. Happ‘s marvelous pitching performance. The Yankees magic has now dwindled to one. They look to go back to the playoffs for the 56th time in their franchise.

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