3 Deals that Bring the Brooklyn Nets a Third Star

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The Brooklyn Nets knew that the 2019-2020 season would not be their year. With the newly signed duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving sitting out, it was an assessment year for some of the young pieces on the roster. Who would make the cut playing alongside KD and Kyrie? Who should be on the move so the Nets can make a big three?

NBA fans saw the amount of talent the Nets showcased as they made it into the bubble as a seven-seed. Players like Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Jarrett Allen all displayed their talent in what felt like a try-out for KD and Kyrie for this next season. Obviously playing alongside the duo of Durant and Irving is no simple task, and finding a third star that fits stylistically will be tough. But, there are a few stars that could fit hand-in-glove out east in Brooklyn.

Trade #1: The Brooklyn Nets give it all up for Bradley Beal

Whether the Brooklyn Nets trade for Bradley Beal or not, they are going to be a beast in the east. However, trading three starters that will see diminished roles for a reinvigorated Beal makes the Nets dangerous. Three-point shooting will not be a problem between Beal, Irving, and Durant. For the Wizards, they get three starting pieces to play alongside of John Wall once he gets back healthy. Washington still remains a playoff contender as they tradeoff their superstar for more depth.

The Brooklyn Nets have a chance to make a trio of Beal, Durant, and Kyrie Irving. Defensively, this big three may have its pitfalls, but Beal makes the Nets the best team in the Eastern Conference. Beal is in the prime of his career, but he will have to see a diminished role in Brooklyn. With Durant and Irving doing most of the ball handling, Beal becomes a player who will have to play off the ball. A career 38% shooter from three point range, Beal will be able to fit in with the Nets stylistically.

Trade #2: A LeVert-Oladipo Swap

Stylistically, Oladipo may not fit the best alongside of Irving and Durant as he is not the best floor spacer and requires the ball in his hands to be effective. But where this trade does make sense is on the defensive side of the ball. Oladipo is a former steals champ and an All-NBA Defensive team member, so playing him alongside of Kyrie allows for Irving to center his focus on offensive creation. Irving and Durant also can play off the ball, so Oladipo will be able to run the offense on some sets.

Oladipo is also on an expiring deal, so this move for the Nets shows that they are all in on a title. Throw in that the Brooklyn Nets also keep Dinwiddie and Allen for another trade or as depth options.

For Indiana, this trade gets them off Oladipo’s expiring deal and gets a budding star in Caris LeVert back. LeVert would slide in on a team that desperately needed a scoring minded wing. Victor Oladipo was recovering last year from injury, so LeVert replaces Vic and stylistically fits in with the Pacers roster.

Trade #3: Brooklyn Aims for a Grand Slam Deal with Philly

Trading for Joel Embiid gives Brooklyn a top five player at each position, Durant at forward, Embiid at center, and Kyrie Irving at point guard. The only downside to this deal is the likelihood that Philly would not accept it. But, coaching turnover may cause some roster turnover, and that starts with one of Embiid or Simmons.

This deal centers the 76ers around Ben Simmons. Adding in Dinwiddie, Allen, and LeVert to an already impressive roster makes the 76ers a formidable contender in the East. There would be more spacing, and would add two playmakers that can play off the ball as well.

This deal is a longshot, but it may be the rare win-win. The Sixers get deeper and have a clear direction moving forward, and the Nets get a defensive anchor and a third star to go with Durant and Kyrie.

The Nets Should Go for a Third Star

In the era of superteams and dynamic duos, Brooklyn adding in a third star to an already impressive duo makes them a favorite to win it all. It is just a matter of what third star they could add in. They have a lot of tradable pieces that other teams will want, so do not be shocked to see Brooklyn make a run for a ‘Big Three’.


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