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5 Takeaways from ONE: A New Breed III

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Petchmorakot Defends Title, Magnus Andersson Puts Up a Fantastic Fight

The main event for A New Breed III was a barn burner, a real clash of two very similar styles. Both pressuring, kick heavy fighters, striking at range, this match was impressive from both men. Petchmrakot promised aggression here and he didn’t lie – to look at the first round you’d think he’d given up on the signature slow open, but it ramped up from there to a war. With barely seconds to go in the third round, Petchmorakot finished the bout in impressive style.

That brings Petchmorakot to three wins in 2020, and he looks as unstoppable as ever. Who will be next to shoot for the title? A previous match was meant to take place between him and Jamal ‘Kherow’ Yusupov who is now number two in the division – could the Russian be next to share the ring?

Want to know how we thought the match would go? Check it out here.

Capitan Petchyindee Sets Record-Breaking KO

With the bout lasting only 6 seconds, there’s not much to say but ‘wow’. I don’t think anyone, even Capitan, would have predicted that. Out of all the performances on A New Breed III this was the most impressive. It’s a record in ONE and it’s going to be hard to beat.

Sunisa Srisen Wins Redemption

Sunisa Srisen has had two matches in ONE, the first against the fearsome Stamp Fairtex. That’s not a loss to be ashamed of, considering the pedigree of her opponent, but this was a good, gutsy performance from the judoka. The first win in any organization is important. It proves you belong there, and that’s exactly what Sunisa did. Nonetheless, both of these fighters seemed sloppy on the feet and it’s no surprise that Stamp took the victory against Srisen. They’re both going to need to work on their hands if they plan to climb the division.

Yurik Davtyan Brings Firepower to the Division

Yurik Davtayan debuted at A New Breed III, and he brought the heat with him. He came in with short-range hooks and deft head movement for an exciting and impressive finish, and it’ll be interesting to see where he goes from here.

‘ONE: A New Breed’ Series Concludes

And this event brings us to the end of ONE: A New Breed, and a very successful series of cards. Next up we’ve got ONE: Reign of Dynasties on October 9th, so keep an eye out for more martial arts action on the way.

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