Duke’s Non Conference Schedule is Beginning to Take Shape and it’s Going to be Amazing

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In the last few weeks we’ve begun to get a clearer picture on how the Duke non conference basketball schedule could look. And, just a few weeks ago, many people believed that there wouldn’t be non conference basketball this year. The fact that we are getting non conference basketball at all is exciting. But, what’s even better is that Duke will be facing quality opponents night after night.

So, in this article I’ll be going over all the latest news, and rumors regarding Duke’s schedule.

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Start Date 

First off, we now know when college basketball will officially start; on November 25th. Whether or not Duke will play on opening day remains to be seen. But, it’s still very important news for the college basketball world. The season was originally scheduled to begin on November 10th, so the start of the season was delayed by about two weeks.

Champions Classic

Under normal circumstances, Duke would begin their season on November 10th against Michigan State in the Champions Classic. However,  according to reporter Andy Katz the event is now scheduled for sometime between December 1st and December 5th. Furthermore, the Champions Classic will now most likely take place in Orlando. Originally, the event was going to take place in Chicago.

Duke annually begins the season with the Champions Classic. This year could be different. Image Courtesy Of: MSU TODAY

ACC/Big Ten Challenge

Another major non conference event that Duke annually takes part in is the ACC-Big Ten challenge. While Duke’s opponent hasn’t been announced for this event, the dates have. Andy Katz reported that the ACC-Big Ten challenge will now take place on December 8th and December 9th. I’d expect the Blue Devils to play a high profile Big Ten team such as Iowa or Wisconsin in this one.

Duke Hosted Event

Originally, Duke was scheduled to play in the Battle 4 Atlantis. But, the early season tournament got canceled. And, while the other seven teams agreed to play a version of the event in South Dakota, Duke opted out. According to CBS Sports Matt Norlander, Duke will instead look to host a multi team event of their own in Durham that would “center around a theme and backdrop of social-justice activism.” In my opinion, this is great news for Duke fans. Not only will the event likely feature several high caliber teams, but it will also be centered around social-justice activism which makes it even better.

The date or teams of this Duke hosted event have yet to be determined. It could take place on November 25th or it could take place following the ACC-Big Ten challenger. Either option is plausible. 

That’s about all we know about Duke’s non conference schedule so far. If you want updates as the situation progresses make sure follow me on Twitter @OTHDuke. 

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