3 Ways the MLB Can Skyrocket in Popularity

What are the three ways MLB can skyrocket in popularity? Baseball is the second most popular sport in the United States and eight in the world. With MLB being atop of the Baseball world currently. But how can MLB skyrocket baseball up in popularity? Well, currently they are quite diverse when it comes to nationalities with around 29% of their players being born outside the United States. Another thing MLB started is their London game which started in 2019 but unfortunately was canceled in 2020 due to Covid-19. Among other things MLB also broadcasted games around 204 countries and territories. In addition to what they already do, what else can be done?

Expand More Out Of the USA

Currently, MLB has one team residing out of the United States, which is the Toronto Blue Jays. Although from 1969-2004 they had the Montreal Expos, unfortunately, the Expos relocated to Washington to become the Nationals back in 2005. Although as of late talks have sufficed about getting another team back into Canada. Adding another team in Canada could add viewership up north but does not really help skyrocket popularity.

Anther route MLB could take is adding a team to Latin America. Such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, or Mexico. Cuba seems like the place to add a team as they have their own league currently that does well with fans. Adding a team in a strong baseball country like Cuba would be unlikely to flop. Cubans love their baseball. A benefit to adding a team in a place like Cuba would bring more talent to the major players would be incised to play for their home country team, among the best of the best.

On a lighter note, MLB may want to investigate expanding into London. This move would be geographically hard as travel and time zones become an issue. Although a major league team may not be doable in London, a European development league could be a thing. A development league in Europe could open the door to see more baseball players come from overseas. Therefore opening the gates for more European fans to get interested.

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Shorten the Season and Expand Playoffs

In a regular season, 162 game seasons are just too long. Especially when a game takes three hours or longer. Add in that if children do not enjoy it, they won’t watch as they get older.  On that note, a 60-game season is just too short. With baseball being a game of momentum 60 games do not give enough time for teams to go on stretches and takes a lot of drama out of the final week. For a happy medium between die-hard fans and casual fans, a season length should be somewhere around 125 games. A schedule like that would give the teams enough time to go on multiple different stretches throughout the season. It would also open the door for a 16-team playoff.

Although we do not know how that will work out yet, MLB will be experimenting with that this season. What we do know about the extended playoffs is more revenue. Which the owners love.

Player Marketing

Over the past decade, MLB has not been marketing their stars to the potential they could. Look at the NBA with Lebron James, the NFL with Patrick Mahomes, and the NHL with Connor McDavid. Those guys are plastered everywhere. On the other hand, MLB has Mike Trout. A generational talent that does not get the exposure he should. Although Trout is not the only star they can market though. Guys like but not limited to Fernando Tatis Jr. Ronald Acuna Jr. Christian Yelich, Aaron Judge, and Cody Bellinger. Are a few of the many players the MLB can successfully run ad campaigns with.

Spread their faces around the world like the NBA does with Lebron and the league can open so many more avenues to bring in new fans.

3 Ways the MLB Can Skyrocket in Popularity Conclusion

Those are just three ways MLB can skyrocket in popularity. There are many other ways MLB can approach it to draw in fans who currently are not fans. There are also many things they can do for fans already invested in the game itself. Its time for baseball to expand and start marketing their players already, it has been time for years now. This season will tell how the length of the season plays and how the playoffs work out. Come on MLB, make baseball great again.

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