12 Years is Enough, Doug Armstrong: Blues Fans Need Someone New.

Armstrong at a press conference in 2019 (Jeff Roberson/AP)

It’s time for the Blues Organization to give Doug Armstrong the boot.

I think I can speak for most rational Blues fans when I say that “Army” has been a travesty of a GM for nearly the entire time he has been with the organization. Blatant mishandling of prospects and countless trades leaving the NHL scratching their heads has pushed a lot of Blues fans (such as myself) over the edge; it’s time to dump him off to another organization more inclined to enable his nonsense.

Now, we all know that the organization won’t consider that option for the next 5 years, because we won the Stanley Cup in 2019. That is the only thing that is keeping his butt parked in the GM spot at Enterprise Center right now. His flash of redemption in the 2018 offseason has revealed to be just that: a flash. A minuscule glimmer of pearl in a field of oysters.

Maybe there is a reason NHL agents have voted him as one of the most unreasonable GMs to work with, according to this poll created by The Athletic.

The entire Alex Pietrangelo situation has served as a spotlight display of his incredible ineptitude. Petro, a man who has carried you and your entire organization to the greatest trophy in all of sports, was cast aside for a visibly aging and rapidly deteriorating Justin Faulk.

This tweet from Jeremy Rutherford (who is a reliable source, by the way, and not some hockey twitter bum) says it all:

Listen, if you are going to lowball him like that and not even tell him the structure of his OWN SALARY, might as well have not even offered him anything. End things with a handshake and a nice bottle of champagne and say, “thank you for everything you have done for this organization.”

Instead, Blues fans everywhere are taking out the scotch and bourbon.

If you’re Alex, what is a bigger slap in the face to you than seeing another defenseman get inked for a NTC 6-year/$45-million extension before he’s even had a chance to update his twitter bio?

“So excited to be a member of the @StLouisBlues organization! Looking forward to FAULK-ing up your cap situation for the next 6 years LMAO #faulkyes”

Justin Faulk has since turned into easily one of the worst Blues acquisitions in their history. Just another dark spot on Armstrong’s repertoire.

This isn’t the first time Doug Armstrong has disappointed fans around the arch’s shadow…

One of the trades that has not been talked enough about when it comes to fleecing is the TJ Oshie trade.

image courtesy of @rabbi_d via Flickr

In case you forgot, Doug Armstrong sent TJ Freaking Oshie to the Washington Capitals in exchange for Troy Brouwer, Goaltender Pheonix Copley, and a 3rd round pick in the 2016 NHL draft.

Troy Brouwer played in all 82 games for the Blues that year, going 18-21-39 with 62 PIM, but perhaps he is best known by Blues fans for scoring the GWG in Game 7 against the Blackhawks to send the Blues to the second round. He was let go during free agency that year.

Pheonix Copley only played in two NHL games for the Blues, and only started one of them, in which he allowed 5 goals. He was also let go by the team in 2017 (the 3rd round pick was given back to the Capitals just before the draft in an exchange of 1st rounders).

TJ Oshie, however, remains on the Washington Capitals. In 360 games, he has racked up 128 goals and 129 assists (257 points) and has proven to be a valuable winger alongside The Great 8.

Safe to say, I think we all know who got the better of that deal.

Blues fans, enough is enough. Armstrong has been toying with the organization for far too long.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Enjoy the offseason, Blues fans. Please drink responsibly.

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