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Denver Has a Chance Against Bucs

Denver has lost their first two games of the season. For an exciting looking football team, injuries have really put a damper on the Broncos. This week is the first week that Denver has a good shot beating a team and putting a W in the win column.

QB Struggles

The one question that Denver has is what are they going to do at QB. With Lock getting hurt, Jeff Driskel doing fine against Pittsburgh, and Brett Rypien getting called up, there is a lot going on. Not to mention the signing of Blake Bortles. I can see Driskel starting this week since he got the start last week, but don’t be surprised to see the other two getting time if Driskel struggles.

Denver needs to just get through the couple weeks to get Drew Lock back. When Lock is back they will be on track again and start to look like a normal team again.

Wideout Woes

Now with Courtland Sutton out for the rest of the season the Rookies have to step it up. Jerry Jeudy has had some drops and injuries but looks promising. The next guy that has to step up is KJ Hamler. Hamler has promise and if this Denver team wants to bounce back they will have to do it with him and Jeudy.

Bad Luck, Still Hanging Around

With all the bad luck that Denver has had this year they have been keeping up with good teams. They lost to Tennessee by 2 points and Pittsburgh by 5 points. Tampa Bay has had a lot of hype but are not fully living up to it so far. If Denver wants some momentum to change this around this is the week for them.

Denver has had a rough year so far and it is only week 3. They have a chance to build some momentum and try to get a win on Sunday. Then they have the Jets after Tampa Bay. Lindsey is now practicing and Lock should be back after the Jets game. If they can hold on until then this season won’t be a waste.

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