Buffs Practice is on Hold

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The Pac-12 announced that they will bring football back for the fall! This means that Buffs football should start on November 6th. This being said, the city of Boulder has issued a Stay-at-Home order.

COVID-19 in Boulder

In Boulder, Colorado students that are going to CU have been going fully online since Wednesday. Even with that, the college has reported to have 1,300 probable cases of COVID. Since there are so many students in CU with probable cases, the town has issued a Stay-at-Home order. This has affected the Buffaloes and their practices too. The city says that this order will halt the Buffs practice for about two weeks. When the season is set for November 6th this is going to be tough on CU to get ready for the season.

The city has fined CU for having more than 100 players hike Mount Sanitas together when many were not wearing masks or social distancing.

Even with Cases, CU Football is a Go

β€œWe’ll continue to work with our public health officials to comply with public health orders and be a part of the community precautions,” Buffs athletic director Rick George said. β€œOne thing I’ve learned in this pandemic (is), don’t get too high and don’t get too low.”

Even with the stay-at-home ban, CU is still hopeful for a season in Boulder. Even with the ban, the team has been allowed to have 12 hours a week to conduct football activities. They have yet to conduct a full-contact football practice and now won’t be able to for a couple of weeks.

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