Each of the 16 MLB Playoff Team’s Theme Song


The MLB Postseason is coming, and what better way to prep for the Fall Classic then giving each playoff team a theme song to depict their chances at the title. The songs can be old, new, country, hell even some movie theme songs.

Each American League Team’s Theme Song

Tampa Bay Rays

The New Style – Beastie Boys

“IT’S THE NEW STYLE!” What better way to describe the modern way of thinking that the Rays have adopted in how they use their bullpen and pitching staff. Tampa Bay is ready to make more noise than the Beastie Boys in this year’s postseason with the amount of young talent they have on their roster. Be on the lookout for the Rays.

Oakland Athletics

We Belong – Pat Benatar

Even though the Athletics have shown their postseason struggles in the past, they belong in this postseason. Even without their star, Matt Chapman, a good bullpen and deep lineup give the A’s a shot at taking home the championship.

Minnesota Twins

Swing, Swing – The All-American Rejects

Swing, Swing is the perfect theme song for the offensive-minded Minnesota Twins. Minnesota is top ten in home runs, in the top half of the league for both slugging percentage and OPS. The solid offensive production is what the Twins will rely on in the postseason, so Swing, Swing, Swing away Minnesota because that is what will take you to the fall classic.

Cleveland Indians

Never Say Never – Justin Bieber

It is only fitting that the Cleveland Indians theme song includes Justin Bieber, as their team leader is not the 2010’s teenage sensation, but rather is Shane Bieber. Bieber is an AL MVP candidate, the run-away favorite for AL Cy Young. The Indian’s World Series hopes are on the shoulders of their staff. Never Say Never Cleveland fans, you got a chance behind the best pitcher in baseball.

New York Yankees

Under Pressure – Queen

There is not another team that comes into the postseason with more pressure than the New York Yankees. After the monumental signing of Gerrit Cole this past offseason, almost every baseball fan, and their mother had them penned in as a World Series team. Well now MLB is heading into the playoffs, and the Yankees saw some struggles this season. But they get their big bats back healthy heading into their round one match-up with the Cleveland Indians, which only adds more pressure on the young Bronx Bombers.

Houston Astros

I Don’t Suck – Kurt Angle

Nothing like using a WWE Theme Song to give to the most hated team in baseball right now. Many MLB teams probably hoped to steal a few WWE moves to use on the Astros throughout the season. But in reality, Houston is on a mission this postseason to prove to each and every baseball fan that they do not suck and that they do not need cheating to be successful.

Chicago White Sox

The Power – Snap!

The White Sox have a lineup that is on top of the American League in home runs. The pitching staff has been solid throughout the regular season, but will be a question mark come playoffs. So if the south siders want to get into the Fall Classic it is going to be on the ‘power’ that is spread throughout their lineup.

Toronto Blue Jays

Hype – Drake (SNL Version)

The Blue Jays come into the postseason riding on a lot of ‘Hype’ around their young superstars. However, it may be short-lived as they face off with the number one seeded Ray. Nonetheless, it is exciting that fans get to see the baby Jays in the playoffs.

Each National League Team’s Theme Song

Los Angeles Dodgers

Going Back to Cali – Notorious B.I.G.

Mookie Betts, Clayton Kershaw, and Cody Bellinger are all feeling notorious heading into the postseason and want to go big on winning the title. With a star-studded roster, it is a safe bet that the World Series trophy will be ‘Going Back to Cali’.

Atlanta Braves

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom – Vengaboys

There are going to be a lot of booms when pitching to the Braves lineup. Atlanta as a team was second in home runs, batting average, and slugging percentage. Get ready for some boom, boom, boom, boom when watching this impressive Braves lineup that will have to shoulder the load.

Chicago Cubs

What’s My Age Again? – Blink 182

Lester, Rizzo, Darvish, Heyward, Kimbrel, Kipnis, Quintana. Those are just seven of the fourteen players the Cubs have that are on the wrong side of thirty. The north siders are one of the oldest teams in baseball this year and are entering what some believe to be their last championship run. Maybe they will be able to turn back the clock and create some magic this postseason with all their veterans.

San Diego Padres

Young, Wild & Free – Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa

Led by MVP candidate Fernando Tatis Jr., San Diego is quickly nabbing many casual MLB fans’ hearts. They are a young team that is very fun to watch, and could potentially make a World Series run in this whacky season.

Honorable Mention for SLAM Diego’s Theme Song

Slam – Onyx

St. Louis Cardinals

Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins

For a staff that ranks third in batting average against, top ten in WHIP and ERA, the Cardinals staff will be what they rely on. This means that opposing hitters will be stepping into the danger zone against some of MLB’s top guns.

Miami Marlins

Get Lucky – Daft Punk

Who had the Miami Marlins as a six seed in the National League? Certainly not me. But in reality, it does not make sense, the Marlins had a negative run differential and fell outside the top half of the league in batting average, OPS, and ERA. But hey who says they cannot keep getting lucky? Because luck and Sixto Sanchez seems to be all the Marlins have left.

Cincinnati Reds

Jack Daniels, If You Please – David Allen Coe

If this team has not made you crack open a bottle yet, kudos to you because the Reds have been one of the most frustrating teams in baseball. Unlike the rest of the teams’ theme songs, this one is more from a fan’s perspective. Many casual fans sought the Reds out to be a World Series contender, but they just squeezed into the playoffs.

For the Reds, I can very well see them put it together behind a strong starting staff and deep lineup. But I could also see a first-round flameout. Either way, Cincy fans will be asking for some Jack Daniels, whether it is out of disappointment in this team or in celebration.

Milwaukee Brewers

No Chance in Hell – Mr. McMahon

The Brewers get my ‘No Chance in Hell’ pick. Facing off against a loaded Dodgers team, it is going to take some strong work behind Corbin Burnes Brandon Woodruff, and that strong bullpen to limit that impressive L.A. lineup. On top of that, the underwhelming Milwaukee bats will have to get to one of the best staffs in baseball. Sorry Brewers fans, but you got NO CHANCE! NO CHANCE in HELL!


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