Week Three Recap – Pittsburgh Steelers vs Houston Texans


Week three is still very early in the season, however some games are more anticipated than others. This week’s matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Houston Texans was one of those. Mainly because it was a rare family get-together. The three Watt brothers would be playing, this on top of the Steelers already being 2-0 made the game exciting to look forward to. Let’s see how the game went for the Steelers.

A General in Charge

Ben Roethlisberger is looking more comfortable every week. Loosening up, being able to get back into the feel of reading the field. As the weeks go on, this should get better and better. The week three stats for Roethlisberger were good, instead of flashy, but still productive. Big Ben threw for 237 yards with two touchdowns. Today’s start also made him the Steeler with the most starts in franchise history with 221, passing center Mike Webster. Last week’s win put him and coach Mike Tomlin ahead of Don Shula and Dan Marino, giving them the third most wins of any quarterback/coach pairing.

Any record aside, however, Roethlisberger’s leadership skills are what make him such a valuable asset to the Steelers. In a game where the scores were going back and forth, he used all of his weapons to his advantage to stay ahead of the Texans. This included getting James Conner involved. Connor not only ran for 109 yards but also added another 40 through the air. With a touchdown caught by both JuJu Smith-Schuster and Eric Ebron, the Texans defense couldn’t contain every area. Even with the Texans managing two sacks, it wasn’t enough to stop Roethlisberger and company.

The Watt Brothers

One of week 3’s highlights was surely seeing all three of the talented Watt brothers playing in the same game. The only other time three brothers played in the same game was when Tremaine, Terrell and Trey Edmunds took the field for the Buffalo Bills-Steelers game. Though in that game, the Steelers had the one brother and the Bills the two. This time the Steelers have TJ Watt and his brother Derek Watt, while the oldest brother JJ Watt was on the Texans.

The Steelers pair of brothers outplayed their older brother. Including TJ Watt getting another sack for his record in the win against the Texans. However in true big brother form, after the game was over, JJ Watt asked his younger brother if he was ok. Truly showing there is no greater love than a strong brotherly bond.


Where to Improve

Even with their third win in a row in week three, there are always places that can be improved. One area that could use help is capitalizing on red zone possessions. The Steelers drew first blood, scoring three points on their first possession. However, they failed to convert a short third and two, so they opted to go for the easy points. While getting the points on the board is a smart move, not converting the short third downs is something that could come back to bite in team later in the game.

Each of the three games played so far have shown improvement from the last. So if this trend continues, we should be able to see more short yardage gains. If this happens we should also see more points being put on the board to have a stronger lead going through the game.

Bottom Line

The Steelers are playing like their old self. Confident, powerful, and resourceful. From their coaching to their quarterback to their offense and defense. They are all supporting and helping each other. This is showing on the field and in the win column. Next week they will have an even larger challenge in the Tennessee Titans, who are also 3-0. This will be a road game, and the Steelers will need to bring all of these positives in order to hand the Titans their first loss and keep their winning streak going.

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