2020 MLB Cy Young and MVP Predictions

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It’s that time. Enough of the season has passed to start formulating the 2020 MLB Cy Young and MVP predictions.

Awards are one of the biggest individual accomplishments someone can attain in sports. All across the world of sports various leagues hand out individual awards for outstanding performances throughout the entirety of a season. As the 2020 MLB regular season concludes we will see who will be awarded for their individual efforts during the baseball season.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were shortened to a 60 game season, so the awards that will be handed out this year is going to be a little different. In an article written by Ryan Garcia called, MLB Awards Aren’t Very Legitimate This 60 Game Season, he states, “This year’s awards should be respected, but not held to the same regard as others. We have to be able to respect something while understanding the context behind it.” I think it is important to respect these players for the amount of work they did this season, it is also very important to know the context behind each winner.

2020 Cy Young and MVP Predictions

Without further asieu, let’s get to the 2020 MLB Cy Young and MVP predictions.2020 MLB Cy Young and MVP predictions.

Cy Young Predictions

AL Cy Young: Shane Bieber

There were very few pitchers that dominated as much as Shane Bieber, of the Cleveland Indians. In every outing he pitched in, Bieber was flawless, people had a very difficult time hitting off of him. This past season, he put up a 1.63 ERA, struck out 122 batters, while only walking 21. He only let up a total of 14 runs, in 12 starts. He was also sporting an 8-1 record. Bieber put up some unbelievable stats. He has only been in the league for 3 years, but this may be the case that Shane Bieber is going to be dominant in the MLB for a very long time, and may pick up a Cy Young Award this year.

NL Cy Young: Trevor Bauer

This CY Young prediction was a more difficult choice than it was for the AL. There were a lot of pitchers that pitched excellently in the National League. However, I gave the edge to Cincinnati Reds ace pitcher, Trevor Bauer. In his first full season with the Reds, Bauer was nearly unstoppable throughout the entirety of the 2020 season. In 11 games pitched, Bauer put up an impressive 1.73 ERA, with 100 strikeouts, with a WHIP of .795. The nine-year veteran put up career-high stats in almost every category, even despite a 60 game season, these numbers are still really impressive. Now entering a contract year, a lot of teams may look to spend big money on Trevor Bauer.

MVP Predictions

AL MVP: Jose Ramirez

This is an MVP Candidate that not a lot of people are discussing for the MVP Award. Indians third baseman, Jose Ramirez is quietly having an outstanding season. A lot of people are discussing how the White Sox first baseman is the MVP. However, I believe Ramirez is having a better season.

In fewer at-bats, Ramirez is hitting almost identical to Jose Abreu, with a slightly less average, and home runs. And even though he has fewer Weighted Runs Created + (Ramirez has a 163 and Abreu has a 167), his DEF, which measures a player’s defensive value compared to league average, is a 1.7 while Abreu has a -5.4. Also, Jose Ramirez has a higher WAR than Jose Abreu. Ramirez sported a 3.4 WAR and Abreu had a 2.6 WAR. I believe Ramirez quietly earned the AL MVP award.

NL MVP: Freddie Freeman

Atlanta Braves’ first baseman, Freddie Freeman is always in talks for the NL MVP. However, this year I think it is his year to win it. The 4-time All-Star hit for a .341 batting average, with 13 home runs, 53 RBI’s, with a slugging percentage of .640 and an OBP of .462. I think this decision was easier to make since San Diego Padres rising superstar, Fernando Tatis jr, struggled later in the season. I believe that this is finally the time that Freddie Freeman wins an NL MVP.

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