Rypien Gets Snaps in Denver’s Loss


Denver has had another tough game against Tampa Bay. The defense was pretty decent, even when they had a struggling offense. The only thing that was exciting about the offense was Brett Rypien getting his first snaps in the 4th Quarter. The young QB had one drive and looked good in the pocket. There are some things that Denver needs to work on, but there was something good that came from this loss.

Brett Rypien First Drive

Brett Rypien started his first drive with the Denver Broncos in the 4th Quarter. He took the offense and went 8 for 8 with 53 yards and led them to the red zone. He then tried to throw it in the end zone and got picked off. He ended the night with 8/9 with 53 yards and an Int. There is a lot to like about this kid and it gives you hope to see how composed he was in the pocket.


The most impressive thing that came from Rypien was that he dealt with the pressure well. The Bucs blitzed the Broncos all day and came up with 6 sacks. One of those sacks was for a safety. When Rypien got his shot, he handled the blitzing well. He even called out backers and looked like he has been in an NFL game before. He only made one mistake on his interception but even then he could have made that throw. It will be interesting watching how he handles the offense and if he gets a shot against the Jets on Thursday.

Another Disappointing Week

Denver came into this game with a line of +6. They lost the game 28-10 and it was bad. The only thing that came out that was good is how Brett Rypien looked. He was calm, communicating well, and had some good throws. I think that the Jets would be a good game for him to start in and get his minutes to see if he can compete as the Broncos backup. It will be interesting when Drew Lock comes back from injury and see how this team plays with some players back.

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