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Brave 43: Interview with Melvin Van Suijdam

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This coming Thursday, October 1st, 2020 sees the return of Brave Combat Federation, with Brave 43.

Headlining the card, a mouthwatering Middleweight clash between, one of the bigger talents on the Brave roster Jarrah Al-Silawi, and his opponent looking to bring the Jordan superstar back to earth with a bang, Dutchman Melvin Van Suijdam.

I was fortunate enough, to get the opportunity to speak with Melvin going into this card and get his thoughts on the fight, as well as discuss his career up to this point.


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Good day Melvin, I’d like to start with on Thursday you will be making your Brave debut how does it feel representing such a highly respected company, and what made you decide to fight there out of all the companies?

Melvin Van Suijdam- I think BRAVE is an amazing organization, everything here is perfect. They take care of the fighters very well. This organization has a huge fanbase so its the perfect platform for me to showcase my skills. Its a nice place to show the world who I am. The talent here is huge and its great for me to compete with against fighters with a high level of skill.

If we can go back to the beginning how was life growing up? How did martial arts come about for you?

Melvin Van Suijdam I used to be a sweet, quiet kid, my parents wanted to toughen me up so they made me join judo. When I was 19 to 20 years old I got into judo. I wanted to do something more, so I got into BJJ and wrestling. Soon I competed in an MMA match and I became addicted to it. Now things have changed a lot from when I was a kid.

You have accumulated a nice variety of finishes to your name. You seem just as happy to submit your opponent as you are to KO them. How do you feel that sets you apart from the rest?

Melvin Van Suijdam- I may not be the best ground fighter or even the best striker but I am one of the best all-round fighters. I can wrestle, grapple, and strike. I was one of the best grapplers in the Netherlands, I could always submit my opponents in MMA fights. Early in my MMA career, I realized the importance of being well rounded. I practiced kickboxing, karate, and more and that is when I started to knock people out.  I feel that a lot of fighters are to one dimensional. But for me, I can always choose where I want the fight to be. I  could do standing, I could grapple, and this is a big asset for me which makes me different from other fighters.

Your upcoming fight with Al-Silawi would be a big scalp to claim. How do you feel going into this fight, and how big for your career do you feel the win would be?

Melvin Van Suijdam- If I win this fight, then I would know I could also be the champion of BRAVE. I know he is the champion at 77 kg and if I beat him now I could beat him in 77 kg as well. I have seen a couple of weak points from my opponent and I know how to beat him.

You have had much success with your current mma record at 11-5, what do you feel has been the most important and impressive performance you have to date?

Melvin Van Suijdam- My last fight was in a tournament, I won the belt in it. It was also the performance of the night. It was a performance that I took great pride in personally not only because it was appreciated so well by the fans but it was also a performance which showed off all my training and what I planned and strategize for. 

And finally if you get the win Thursday what is next for you? What are you hoping to achieve in your career?

Melvin Van Suijdam- I would love to stay with BRAVE CF, I might even fight more at 77 kg here and become the champ here. So I would win against my opponent now and also in 77 kg. 

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank both Melvin and Brave CF, for making this interview a possibility

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