Jets Week 3 Recap: Loss at Colts

The Jets suffered another embarrassing, non-competitive loss in Week 3. While this sounds awfully familiar, it is true. New York got thoroughly outplayed in all facets of the game. The Colts destroyed the Jets from start to finish. There were truly no bright spots to takeaway from the game for the Jets. Sam Darnold turned in one of his worst games as a pro. Head coach Adam Gase is hanging onto his job by a thread. Gase could be out of a job by the end of the week as the Jets prepare for a Thursday Night Football game against the Broncos. More on that later.

Jets Offensive Recap

The Jets offense was in shambles once again in their Week 3 loss. The terrible performance of the unit was due in large part to quarterback Sam Darnold. Darnold was just atrocious, and he did not receive much help, if any. The offensive line was poor, and the play-makers failed to make plays, a common theme of the season so far.

While blaming the supporting cast and coaching staff for some of his struggles is reasonable, Sam Darnold has mightily regressed this season, so far disproving that he is a franchise quarterback, and most of that falls on him. Darnold consistently makes terrible decisions, looking more like a rookie than a third-year player. These mistakes don’t fall on the coaching staff or the players. They fall solely on Darnold.

It is sad to see a player fail, but it happens. Darnold has 13 games left to prove himself. He is certainly playing for his job long term. At this rate, I see no way that the job could still be his in the future. The boneheaded mistakes are the only constant about his game. Darnold consistently throws interceptions, three on Sunday, two of which went for pick-sixes, misses the correct read, or just simply shows low football IQ. His footwork and mechanics are still raw, contributing to some of the poor decisions, that become costly interceptions.

Adam Gase’s play calling was a little better, but the offense still looked out of sync. The offensive line disappointed again, even more so than in previous weeks as they were without starting right tackle George Fant for the whole game, and standout rookie left tackle Mekhi Becton for most of it. The wide receivers struggled to get open. Tight end Chris Herndon who was supposed to have a breakout season, was completely non-existent again.

The Jets offense was embarrassing in Week 3. Sam Darnold seems to be regressing every game. Adam Gase is in desperate need of righting the ship or he will be out of a job very soon.

Jets Defensive Recap

The Jets defense struggled against the Colts offense. However, the amount of points the Colts scored as a reflection on the defense is misleading. The Jets defense was put into awful situations by the offense via turnovers and stagnant drives. Offenses greatly affect defenses, and that is what happened in a negative way on Sunday. Therefore, you can’t put all the blame for the Colts big scoring day on New York’s defense.

The run defense for the Jets was very strong. They held the Indianapolis ground game to just 3.8 yards per carry. Quarterback Phillip Rivers was very efficient, completing 17 of 21 passes, and they struggled to stop him. They did limit his passing yards total to 217, but could not force turnovers. This defense has to force turnovers if the Jets are going to win games, considering how awful the offense has been.


While the Jets defense can not fully be blamed, they are still a very poor unit. They can’t generate pressure and they can’t cover receivers in one-on-one coverage. That is a recipe for disaster. It is clear the defense is in desperate need of an elite edge rusher and a shutdown, #1 cornerback. The opposing quarterback can sit all day and throw to wide open receivers. It is a poor combination and it is causing the Jets defensive struggles.

All in all, the defense can not be blamed for the Week 3 loss, but they have been extremely poor. The personnel is built to be torn to shreds week in and week out. The offense needs to put the defense in better situations, but let’s not give credit to them where credit is not due.

Final Thoughts

The Jets are getting worse each week. It is scary to watch and demoralizing for the players. The players seem out of it with low effort. The coaching staff obviously plays a role in that. Therefore, head coach Adam Gase may be coaching for his job in tomorrow’s Thursday Night Football game. The team is off to what possibly could be the worst start in franchise history, and that is saying a lot considering that this is a franchise with a lot of awful history. Gase’s main job was to develop Sam Darnold, and Darnold has obviously gotten worse on his watch. The cumulation of all that and poor energy from the team has Gase’s seat scorching hot. He and the Jets are in desperate need of a win tomorrow.

Week 4 Outlook

The New York Jets host the Denver Broncos tomorrow on Thursday Night Football. It is a high-stakes game for Coach Gase and the Jets as previously mentioned. The Broncos are also 0-3, so they have a sense of urgency as well. Denver has been decimated by injuries this season. Expect a rejuvenated Jets team tomorrow in this vital game. It may be ugly as two winless teams duel. The game is at 8:20 PM EST, only on NFL Network.

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