3 Ways the Canucks Can Unload Loui Eriksson

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Loui Eriksson has been nothing short of disappointing since he signed his mega-deal with the Vancouver Canucks back in 2016. Eriksson is holding a mind-boggling $6 million cap hit while only producing 89 points, through 245 games in Vancouver.

Now many fans will argue he is “useless”, which is not true. Eriksson excels in the Canucks brand of dumping and chasing making him a good addition to the penalty kill. Although as he just excels on the penalty kill, he is not worth his contract.


The NHL buyout window ranges from September 25th to October 8th this season. As Eriksson seems like a good buyout option at first glance, he is not. When you start looking into it more you come to realize that if the Canucks were to buyout Loui, they would save virtually nothing this offseason. Owing to him $5.67 million this year and then $3.67 million after. There fore not helping in the short term but saving a little bit down the road.

Adding to the fact it is starting to seem more likely the Canucks will buy out fellow forward Sven Baertschi. Finally ending that chapter in Vancouver. It is now time for Canucks fans to give up their buyout Loui Eriksson campaign.

By Trade

Trading Eriksson seems impossible, but a matter of fact it is doable. Crazy but doable. There are a couple of ways the Canucks could move Eriksson, but it can get tricky as he has a no-trade clause.

First the Canucks could swap Eriksson for another bad contract. They may have to look for a similar contract. Such as Johnny Boychuck from the Islanders who has 2 years remaining with an average of $6 million against the cap as well. While this may not be ideal it would help the Canucks add to a depleting blue line.

The second option, package him with other players to try and reel in a star player from another team. Before Canucks fans get up in arms Brock Boeser does not need to be involved. The Canucks have been linked to Oliver Ekman-Larsson. Eriksson could be a filler in that to make money work.

There are plenty of packages out there that could come into play. These are just a couple of ideas. A trade could be worked out more easily if Eriksson would waive his no-trade clause to a non-contender with some money hanging around.


Although sending Eriksson to Utica does not entirely help the situation it does give the Canucks an extra $2 million in cap space. It also makes it, so Vancouver is not paying Eriksson $6 million to sit in the press box. A couple of other outcomes including but not limited to, Eriksson getting fed up with the Canucks and waiving his no-trade clause to any team that will show him NHL time. Or it lights a fire under his butt and Canucks fans see the Loui Eriksson they thought they were getting back in 2016.

Loui Eriksson
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Either way both of those scenarios should be music to Canucks fans ear. The best case would be he gets sent down for a few weeks to start the season and then comes up and takes the NHL by storm, maybe even forcing general managers to call Jim Benning at the deadline.

Can the Canucks Unload Loui Eriksson?

Although it could be challenging, the Canucks could unload Loui. Will they do it is a different question. It is a daunting task and at this point seems highly unlikely. With only two years left on his current deal and not a huge market for a penalty kill specialist like Mr. Eriksson Vancouver seems better off just to tough out their “mistake”. For the time being Loui Eriksson is a Canuck, and there are ways to unload his massive contract.   

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