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Could Washington’s Joe Tryon Sneak Into the First Round?

With the PAC-12 season coming to football lovers in the near future, I thought it would be a good time to give my thoughts on a pass rusher out of the University of Washington. Joe Tryon has opted out of the 2020 NFL Draft. He was given the redshirt in his freshman year and he played two seasons for the Washington Huskies. During his short time there he definitely made his name known across the PAC-12. 

In his last season at Washington, Tryon finished with:

  • 41 total tackles (27 solo)
  • 12.5 TFL
  • 8 sacks

Prior to the start of this season, he was on Phil Steele’s All American Team list. Let’s take a deeper look at what makes this pass rusher so appealing for the 2021 NFL Draft. 

The Good About Tryon:

Courtesy: 247 Sports

The first trait that jumps off the screen when you watch Tryon’s tape is that he has a great get off. An explosive start is one of the most essential aspects to being a pass rusher. He is explosive whether he is lined up as an EDGE rusher or when he has his hand in the dirt. He can do either without any sort of athletic drop off. Second, he can be used in pass coverage. Multiple times Washington would have him drop into coverage to assist in help covering the flats, or playing a QB spy. While not being a huge threat to passing offenses he would do enough to bother passing lanes. Thirdly, while he does not exactly have the best array of moves for attacking, he does have strong hands. When he comes off the edge, he does a great job of slapping away the hands of offensive linemen. Great athleticism, great length, and great production at his time for the Huskies.

The Bad About Tryon:

Courtesy: uwdawgpound

The first issue that I noticed on tape is that Tryon struggles to disengage. He has a great deal of length but does not use it to his advantage. He will have moments where an offensive lineman will get into his chest and rather than trying to drive with his legs he will try to use his arms. Doing this causes him to get stood up and he loses all moment and hope of getting to the QB. He is not exactly bendy as an EDGE rusher. Tryon is not going to be a guy who will be able to run under a table like Von Miller can. Tryon struggles with double teams. He definitely needs to work on his moves as a pass rusher. He does not have a go to move and it would be a good idea for him to work on his repertoire. 

Final Thoughts

Courtesy: 247 Sports

Tryon shows a lot of promise for the NFL. While raw and unfinished, he has a lot of traits that translate well to the pros. His traits, combined with his size, will be solid reasons for teams to take him. He can easily fit in any defense, whether it be in a 4-3 defense as an end or in a 3-4 as an EDGE. Personally I liked his get off with his hand in the dirt so I feel he would do best in a 4-3 defense. Other evaluators think the opposite and thing he is more explosive standing up. The fact that he can be flexible with the scheme he plays in will attract a lot of teams to him. Right now I see Tryon as a guy who could possibly sneak into the later part of the first round, but will likely be a guy we will see go during the early part of Day 2 depending on how the class shapes out. 

Final Grade: TBD

Best film: Washington State

Worst film: Oregon

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