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JB’s Week Five (un)-Biased NFL Power Rankings

This offense looked more like 2019 than 2018 last week. Considering it was against the Giants, this could spell trouble for the Rams

With the NFL’s first big Covid-19 scare currently inundating the league, the show must go on when it comes to the teams not affected directly. The Titans, Vikings, Texans and Steelers are currently on the edge of their collective seats, as we all are, to see when these two games will be played. There are also potentially more positive test results still to come. All of the waiting gives us all a chance to reflect on the first three weeks of the season with this week’s NFL power rankings.

As always, while I truly am trying to be as subjective as possible during the writing of this article, I do acknowledge that it is impossible to not be biased towards your favorite NFL team, and against your rivals. With the explanation for the headline out of the way, let’s get in to what you came to see!

1 | Kansas City Chiefs | 4-0 | last week (1)

Patrick Mahomes keeps slinging it, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire hasn’t slowed down yet. Andy Reid has had this team start off hot for four years straight now.

2 | Baltimore Ravens | 3-1 | last week (2)

The Ravens, and especially Lamar Jackson needed that get-right game against Washington.

3| Buffalo Bills | 4-0 | last week (4)

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs were made for each other. This team is on the rise, so look out New England.

4 | Green Bay Packers | 4-0 | last week (6)

The Packers certainly proved me wrong. I did not know that this offense was going to be such a juggernaut without a tight end or number two receiver. How dare I ever bet against Aaron Rodgers. Heck, he didn’t even need his number one the last two weeks!

5 | Pittsburgh Steelers | 3-0 | last week (5)

The return of Ben Roethlisberger was the absolutely monumental for this team. He has absolutely reinvigorated JuJu Smith-Schuster, and has confidence in Diontae Johnson and James Washington. Everyone knows the defense can get after you.

6| Los Angeles Rams | 3-1 | last week (3)

7 | Seattle Seahawks | 4-0 | last week (3)

Russell Wilson and Jamal Adams have this team playing with their heads fire, but how long can they keep it up? The Seattle defense gives up almost 500 yards per game…

8 | Tennessee Titans | 3-0 | last week (8)

They are the eighth best team in the league, but who knows if they will even play eight games this season?

9 | San Fransisco 49ers | 3-1 | last week (11)

Kyle Shanahan has done a good job beating inferior opponents while Jimmy Garoppolo has been out. Now is where they prove their spot in these rankings, when they start to play some good teams, like the Rams in week six.

10 | Tampa Bay Buccaneers | 3-1 | last week (14)

Tom Brady can’t get any of his weapons to stay healthy, but the defense is still carrying them. The comeback on Sunday was fo the ages, but do not expect it to be the norm unless Mike Evans and Chris Godwin get back soon.

11 | New Orleans Saints | 2-2 | last week (9)

The Saints are ready trying to push for a Super Bowl one last time under Drew Brees, and didn’t experience any bumps in the road in regards to getting the win. Other than that, things look terrible for New Orleans. Drew Brees looks absolutely shot and the passing defense is letting the team down yet again. The team needs Michael Thomas back as soon as possible, but is there such a thing as too soon? At least they’re still winning games…for now.

12 | Cleveland Browns | 3-1 | last week (13)

The Browns will be tasked with winning games without their starting running back. This means more on the shoulders of Baker Mayfield.

13 | Indianapolis Colts | 3-1 | last week (16)

The Colts could be so much higher considering I love the young, fast defense that they are building. I l also love their offensive line, running backs and head coach. What I do not love is the quarterback, sorry Philip Rivers.

14 | New England Patriots | 2-2 | last week (12)

The Patriots’ defense might not be as good as we thought, and that might be the worst news that New England has received all year — and this is the year they found out Tom Brady was headed to Tampa. We all know Head Coach Bill Belichick is a genius. He is certainly out to prove that he can win without Brady, but can they survive this short stint without Cam?

NFL Power Rankings

15 | Dallas Cowboys | 1-3 | last week (15)

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are doing their best to make sure the team stays atop the NFC East, but is it enough? It doesn’t seem to be, unless those two are going to start playing on defense.

16 | Arizona Cardinals | 2-2 | last week (10)

Arizona lost to Carolina in a game they desperately needed for their teams confidence. Kyler Murray is a special talent. He has seamlessly fit in with DeAndre Hopkins without any pre-season, and also has lead his team in rushing so far. That might be the issue, where is Kenyan Drake?

17 | Chicago Bears | 3-1 | last week (17)

The Bears finally got the loss that they had probably deserved all along. The schedule only gets harder, as well.

18 | Las Vegas Raiders | 2-2 | last week (18)

Derek Carr says he is sick of losing. Yeah, so are Raider fans.

19 | Minnesota Vikings |1-3 | last week (19)

The Vikings, conversely of the Bears, finally got the win that has alluded them. This is a good football team if the defense can get its head on straight.

20 | Los Angeles Chargers | 1-3 | last week (20)

The Chargers got everyone excited, and then let them down. That’s the story of their existence, not just last week against Tampa Bay.

21 | Houston Texans | 0-4 | Last week (21)

Not even DeShaun Watson could save B.O.B from his mutual demise as both coach and General Manager.

22 | Carolina Panthers | 2-2 | last week (22)

The Panthers have undergone more changes than practically every team in the past few years. Big props to Matt Rhule for having this team ready to compete and win games, even without Christian McCaffrey.

23 | Miami Dolphins | 1-3 | last week (23)

Ryan Fitzpatrick will cede way for Tu’a Tagovailoa in the near future, a move that carry on throughout the year. That will not mean a whole lot more winning in Miami, however. this team is still a year away from being competitive weekly.

24 | Jacksonville Jaguars | 1-3 | last week (24)

The Jaguars have predictably fallen back to earth after a win against the Colts. Have they fallen back into the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes as well?

25 | Detroit Lions | 1-3 | last week (25)

Usually when teams that lose big leads, it becomes a season-long issue. That issue has actually carried itself from one season to another. Detroit is now the first team in the modern era to blow five straight games in which they had a ten-point lead. Does this mean that Detroit the next team to have a head coaching vacancy?

26 | Denver Broncos | 1-3 | last week (26)

Drew Lock and Courtland Sutton went down early this season and this team’s hopes may have gone with it. John Elway has brought in many, many offensive weapons, but not enough depth.

NFL Power Rankings

27 | Philadelphia Eagles | 1-2-1 | last week (27)

Carson Wentz needed that win against San Fransisco has like a time share salesman needs Jesus.

28 | Atlanta Falcons | 0-4 | last week (28)

The Falcons are even better than the Lions at blowing big leads. At least this week they just trailed the whole time.

29 | Washington Football Team | 1-3 | last week (29)

Head coach Ron Rivera deserves more than what this franchise has thrown at him, and so do the fans. That week one win was as well deserved as any win I can remember. They’re gonna need to hold onto that one for a bit, though. This is a bad football team, especially with an injured defensive front.

30 | Cincinnati Bengals | 1-2-1 | last week (30)

If they Bengals can spend the off-season to upgrade the defense, as well as they did they upgraded the offense last off-season, 2021 will be a great year in Cincinnati.

31| New York Giants | 0-4 | last week (31)

The Giants made a coaching change in the off-season, but not enough changes to the roster to make me believe in them this season. They do have the benefit of playing in possibly the worst division in football. That is still unlikely to take them above the .500 mark even once all year.

32 | New York Jets | 0-4 | last week (32)

Same blurb the last four weeks, not changing it until they change coaches. The Adam Gase experiment has been an epic failure, and Joe Douglas might be going down with him.

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