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BREAKING: Dave Leduc vs Cyrus Washington 2 Official for November 7th in the US!

Image for BREAKING: Dave Leduc vs Cyrus Washington 2 Official for November 7th in the US!

Dave Leduc vs Cyrus Washington 2

Sparta Sports and Entertainment has pulled off the unthinkable in the world of Lethwei! The King of Lethwei himself, Dave Leduc, will be facing off against Cyrus Washington for the Lethwei World Title in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Yes, you read that correctly, Leduc’s Lethwei World Title will be up for grabs in the United States at Sparta Wyoming 4! In addition to Leduc’s Lethwei World Title, Sparta’s inaugural Lethwei Title will be up for grabs as well. That’s right, the winner of this fight will get TWO belts!

Sparta just made combat sports history in the US by hosting the first-ever sanctioned Lethwei fight in the US on September 19th. Now they get the chance to make history again by hosting the first-ever World Lethwei Title fight in the US!

Leduc recently announced that his contract with World Lethwei Championship is on hold for 2020 due to travel restrictions and he was allowed to pursue fighting opportunities elsewhere for the year. Enter the Sparta Sports and Entertainment crew. They have been working around the clock to make sure this fight will go down.

Leduc has been teasing his fans on Instagram for the past few weeks with information on his next potential fight and now it is finally official. The contracts have been signed and this highly anticipated scrap will be going down on Saturday, November 7th.

Bad Blood

These two have some bad blood and have fought before in the past. Their first fight back in 2017 ended in a draw due to the fight not finishing in a knockout or TKO. It was a very competitive fight, with Leduc getting the better of Washington for much of the fight. However, Washington showed a ton of heart and stayed in the fight until the final bell.

Dave Leduc and Cyrus Washington getting their hands raised after their fight ended in a draw.

Washington feels he has what it takes to become champion and feels that Leduc is not the true King of Lethwei. Leduc believes that he is the unquestioned King of Lethwei and will be looking to prove that against a very game opponent. The Lethwei world has been itching for this rematch to happen and now they will finally have their wish!

How To Watch Dave Leduc vs Cyrus Washington 2

Dave Leduc vs Cyrus Washington

In addition to being available to purchase on PPV, this event will also be available to watch in person! Yes, that’s right, this event will have a live crowd! Sparta has continued to put on events with audiences since July and they have had a lot of success doing so. With the help of the Wyoming Combat Sports Commission and their commissioner, Bryan Pedersen, Sparta has successfully put on three straight events with live audiences since July. They also have the approval to have their biggest audience yet since March for the biggest fight in their history.

There are reportedly already a few top names from the world of combat sports that are looking to be involved. Bas Rutten, Frank Shamrock, Cung Le, and Robin Black have all expressed interest in attending this event. Tickets are already available to purchase so jump over to Sparta’s website to get your tickets now! This is a very rare chance to get to see Dave Leduc in action if you live in the US! You do not want to miss this event!

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Who do you see winning Dave Leduc vs Cyrus Washington 2? Let us know your fight prediction in the comments below!

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