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Interview with ‘The Natural’ Nieky Holzken

The word ‘Legend’, gets passed about far to easy in this day and age, but in talking about Nieky Holzken, I can’t find a more fitting word to describe a man with such incredible accomplishments.


A record that most fighters would dream of. Nieky hasn’t just had the longevity of 124 fights, but he has amassed a phenomenal total of 106 wins and 57 knockouts.

Nieky has faced the top kickboxers of the generation. Taking on opponents such as Cedric Doumbe, Murthel Groenhart, Regian Eersel, and Raymond Daniels to name a few.

Nicknamed ‘The Natural’ for his fluent style of fighting, Nieky is known for his unpredictability during his fights. With top-level hands as can been seen from his 14 boxing wins, he is equally if not more dangerous when it comes to his devastating kicks and knees, no better example can be shown of this than the impressive display against Cosmo Alexandre, famously known for his quick impressive finish of ex UFC fighter Sage Northcutt.

After a knockdown Nieky waits for Cosmo to get to his feet, on the refs’ approval Nieky approaches Cosmo and hits him with a delightful spinning hook kick, throwing his opponent off guard, he follows in backing Cosmo to the cage where he strikes with a beautiful straight right which stuns Cosmo and sets himself up for a brutal left uppercut dropping Cosmo and finishing the fight.

I had the privilege to sit down with Nieky and discuss his career, and get a feel for the man himself.


How did martial arts come about? What made you want to stick to it?

Nieky Holzken – Movies, and i was always fighting when i was young.

You’re a man that’s accomplished it all in Kickboxing with over 100 fights and a phenomenal 92 wins? What drives you to continue after accomplishing so much? 

Nieky Holzken – Im still fit and healthy, not had too many injuries, and I’m still fighting for my family.

Out of all those fights who do you feel was your toughest opponent? 

Nieky Holzken – Yeah there are several good fighters that I have fought, one in the B class was tough I got knocked down twice and then won by KO.

And also what do you feel was your best performance? 

Nieky Holzken – Against Joseph Valtalinni

You’re also 14-1 in boxing, another impressive record are you hoping for more boxing fights, or are you solely focused on Kickboxing at ONE? 

Nieky Holzken – I’m still with one, and I am committed to them.

You have fought for Glory and ONE perhaps the 2 biggest promotions currently producing top level Kickboxing what is it like being part of such huge companies and is there many differences between the two? 

Nieky Holzken – Its nice to fight at the biggest organizational, the difference at glory is that you feel like your fighting at a factory, and when you fight in ONE FC, it feels like a family they treat you perfect.

It has been since 2010 since you was last stopped in a competitive contest, that’s longer than a lot of fighters careersanother, what to you attribute to continuing to produce at the highest level? 

Nieky Holzken – I stay healthy, treat my body in good condition, and train hard.

When can we look forward to seeing you back in action and is there someone specifically you would like to fight? 

Nieky Holzken – 20th November, probably in Singapore, there’s no opponent confirmed yet.

As we’ve already spoke about you have accomplished so much in your career, what is left for you to complete your legacy is there anything left you want to achieve? 

Nieky Holzken – I want to have some savings, and the ONE FC Championship belt.

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