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New York Yankees Appeal the Opening Of Mysterious Letter

The New York Yankees are in some hot water… again.

Following the infamous 2017 Astros sign-stealing scandal, rumors spun like crazy. The idea that a team could’ve exploited technology and camera feeds to such an extent raised red flags galore. While the 2017 and 2018 Red Sox got themselves caught up in a scandal that was less severe, the New York Yankees found themselves in hot water as well. This time, the hot water for the New York Yankees seems to be a mysterious letter sent to MLB that they refuse to have opened.

Speculations Against the New York Yankees

The 2017 Red Sox were fined for use of Apple watches in a crucial series against the Yankees. They used it specifically in the series from August 18th-August 20th that the Red Sox took two out of three from, a series that had major implications. The Yankees would finish two games behind Boston that season for the AL East crown. That being said an interesting counter-accusation arose that the Yankees used YES cameras to steal signs. While MLB didn’t find evidence of it, they found evidence of suspicious phone use in the dugout in a prior championship season and fined them. The Yankees rumors started from there, but then a certain letter arose in the 2019 offseason that started a rumor wildfire.

New York Yankees: Joe Girardi video raises illegal sign-stealing questions
Yankees’ former skipper Joe Girardi was the manager during the entire fiasco with Boston.

The Mysterious Letter From the New York Yankees

Back in 2017, the Yankees had sent in a letter referring to a supposed sign-stealing scandal. Despite the fact that it had gone pretty quiet for a while, in 2019 a judge had demanded the Yankees open the letter. This caused a firestorm on social media, where the story blew up. Not opening up a letter about sign stealing right after the Astros scandal is going to justify any suspicions of a scandal. No one knows when the Yankees (or, if the Yankees) will even open the letter, but we know when the decision about whether they have to open it or not will be.

Judgement Day (Or Week)

The day of Judgement isn’t a day, but rather a week. On the week of December the 14th the Yankees will fight to keep the letter unsealed. Only then can we know what truly lies in the letter, and what it could implicate for baseball. If Major League Baseball knew about the contents of this and it was incriminating of the Yankees? They would lose all credibility and rightfully so. Do I think the Yankees did anything that damning, that it would cause a downward spiral for Rob Manfred? Not sure, I’ll have to wait and see. Innocent until proven guilty is my mantra and the United States’ method of justice, so therefore I will do the same.

This could be a scandal in the making, but don’t be surprised if it’s nothing at all.

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