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Final Montreal Canadiens 2020 Draft Promising Recap.

With the NHL draft over it’s time for me to Recap the Montreal Canadiens, 2020 Draft class. For Me, the Canadiens come out as winners in this draft. They took care of multiple problems positionally in this draft. Landing a Left-wing and Centermen in the second round. And in Round one selecting Kaiden, from the Prince Albert Raiders of the WHL.

I will be going over all the Canadiens Picks, reviewing them, and seeing How and where they will fit on the Canadiens. And finally, I will give each Player a Grade, based on who was available at the specific draft spot.

First Round. Kaiden Guhle 16th overall.

Kaiden Guhle Pictured with the Prince Albert Raiders in the 2019-20 season. Photo by Marissa Baecker/Getty Images

starting this Montreal Canadiens 2020 draft recap. With the 16th overall selection, the Canadiens took Albertan Defensemen, Kaiden Guhle. Guhle who spent his last 3 years as a member of the Prince Albert Raiders of the WHL. Guhle impressed a lot of people in his time as a Raider, however, many scouts weren’t sold on him.

Guhle is a big defenseman and one who is not afraid to throw the body around. This definitely meets Bergevin’s style of defensemen. Guhle has great potential but many teams were afraid to take the gamble on him due to his size. The Canadiens were the team that decided they wanted Guhle. And down the road, he’s not a bad fit. He becomes the third Defensemen from Alberta in the Habs system joining Brett Kulak and Cale Fleury. Safe to say Bergevin likes what Hockey Alberta is doing to develop their Defensemen.

Kaiden Guhle is coming off the best season of his career thus far. He racked up 40 points including 29 assists for the Raiders in the 2019-20 season. Guhle is a strong physical Defensemen that will fit perfectly with the Canadiens system. He needs at least 2 more years to develop, before becoming a member of the Canadiens NHL club full time. And in Montreal’s development program, Guhle will definitely be given that extra time to develop.

As for a draft grade. Many people are upset about the pick, me? Not that much. I see the frustration for fans with players like Dawson Mercer still available. But personally, I am happy with the Canadiens choice. Guhle will be heading into a system where he is expected to help the team. But the team can help him, he will be given extra time to develop and the Canadiens won’t rush him onto the scene before they believe he is ready. His Impact has the potential to be huge for the Canadiens in the future. I give this Pick a B-.

Second Round Luke Tuch 47th Overall.

Luke Tuch poseing for a picture while a member of the USNDP – Photo by Rena Laverty

The Canadiens used their first of two Back to back picks to select American born Centermen, Luke Tuch from the US national development program. Tuch who is the Younger brother of Golden Knights forward Alex Tuch. Plays a lot like his brother. Very simple pace to his game and a guy who will be able to settle down players such as Cole Caufield.

Tuch is a big physical forward with a simple hockey mind. Pucks in deep, nothing too flashy about the way Luke Tuch plays. So he should be a great fit at center for the Canadiens. Tuch is coming off a season with the USDP where he managed to record 30 points. 15 goals and 15 assists. Tuch is definitely a pass before shoot type of player, and that may allow other players to be able to shoot more. Luke Tuch going 47th overall to the Montreal Canadiens in the 2020 NHL draft, is a C+ fit.

Second Round Jan Mysak 48th overall.

Photo Via Montreal Canadiens twitter.

The Montreal Canadiens used to pick 48 to select Jan Mysak from the Hamilton Bulldogs. Mysak who only played in 20 games for the Bulldogs still put up 25 points. Mysak has a knack for scoring and after watching the playoffs, it’s safe to say he’s just what the Canadiens need.

The 18-year-old from the Czech Republic is already 6’0 with 180lbs to help him out in the corners. Mysak who plays Left-wing fits the Canadiens’ needs quite well. Jan Mysak is a very passionate player with playmaking ability and strong hockey sense.

Mysak was the best player available at that spot.  And honestly, the Canadiens were lucky that Mysak fell to 48. My grade for this pick is A- Mysak was the Canadiens Best pick in this draft.

Fourth Round Jack Smith 102nd Overall.

Photo via Montreal Canadiens Twitter.

The Montreal Canadiens used the 102nd pick on Centermen Jack Smith from Saint Cloud. Smith is a decently Sized forward with a great left-handed shot. Smith has a small window of opportunity to make it to the NHL on the Canadiens due to his position. The Canadiens are set up in the middle, but it’s always good to have some insurance at the center position.

Jack Smith is an interesting pick for the Canadiens, however, I believe he will be a good fit for the future. I grade this pick C+

Fourth Round Blake Biondi 109th Overall

Photo via Montreal Canadiens Twitter.

The Canadiens used to pick 109 on highschool Centermen Blake Biondi from Hermantown Minnesota. Biondi is now a member of the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs. In 2019-20 he was a key piece for Hermantown recording 76 points in just 25 games.

The hope for Canadiens’ fan is that Biondi will be able to carry those numbers over to college if he can. You need to imagine his potential in the NHL. Biondi could become a decent player in the NHL if he can make it. I give this pick a B+.

Fourth Round Sean Farrell 124th overall

Photo Via Montreal Canadiens Twitter.

Late in round four, the Canadiens drafted Sean Farrell with the 124th choice in the draft. Farrell played for the Chicago Steel in his draft year. And he put up 56 points in 44 games. Farrell fits the Canadiens positional needs perfectly. A decently Sized left winger who will likely be a third-line player on the Canadiens.

Farrell was a great pick for the Canadiens at this spot. He is a very solid forward and the kind that could help the Canadiens a lot in the future. I give this pick a B. Farrell was the Canadiens’ best selection in round 4.

Fifth Round Jakub Dobes 136th Overall

Photo Via Montreal Canadiens Twitter.

The Canadiens used their seventh pick to select a goaltender from the Czech Republic, Jakub Dobes. While the Canadiens do have plenty of goalies in their system. In the spot they were in, they couldn’t pass up on Dobes. Especially with the success of Cayden Primeau who was taken In the seventh round back in 2017.

Dobes is a good Goalie and at the end of the day can you ever have too many Goaltenders in your system? I grade this selection a B+.

Sixth Round Alexander Gordin 171st overall

Photo Via Montreal Canadiens Twitter.

The Canadiens used their final pick on left-winger from the MHL Alexander Gordin. The 6’1 19-year-old recorded 68 points in 59 games. Not bad numbers at all from Gordin. Who helped boost the Draft stock of Marat Khusnutdinov who was selected 37th overall by the Minnesota Wild.

I believe Gordin might have been the biggest steal the Canadiens got in this draft. He’s a great player who could produce a solid 15 goals a year for Montreal. This pick gets a B+.


The Canadiens might have had one of their most underrated draft classes in recent memory. They took care of problems positionally and got some key guys to build around in the future. That concludes the Montreal Canadiens 2020 Draft Recap. And the Canadiens come out as winners in 2020.

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