Grading the Maple Leafs’ 2020 NHL Draft Class: Wyatt Schingoethe

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Here’s my analysis and scouting report for Leafs draftee Wyatt Schingoethe. If you’re interested, check out the full article here.

Wyatt Schingoethe

Drafted: Round 7, 195th overall
Age: Turned 18 on August 3rd
Height: 5’11
Weight: 201 lbs
Position: LW/C
2019-20 Season: 17g/21a/38p in 47 games with the Waterloo Black Hawks (USHL)
2020-21 Season as of October 7th: Set to start the season with the Waterloo Black Hawks (USHL), committed to the University of Denver in 2021.
Projected Draft Position: Fourth Round Pick to Seventh Round Pick

Wyatt Schingoethe is a super solid pick by the Leafs.

As Schingoethe describes himself, he’s a difference-maker. He finished 8th in the USHL last season among all U18 USHL players. Let’s get into his game.

One thing you’ll notice about Wyatt Schingoethe that’s different from other players in this Leafs draft class is that, even though he played the season as a 17-year-old, he’s definitely a strong player for his size.

His wrist shot is strong and accurate, he’s able to make space for himself and let it rip when he needs to. If not, his passing skills come in handy too. His ability to think the game allows him to make the right play, and it helped challenge opponents in the USHL.

He’s not a flashy player, though. A lot of Schingoethe’s production comes in front of the net. He’s able to use his strength to win net battles and get rebounds and deflections.

He’s a strong skater, it allows him to go strong up the middle to get a high-quality chance on net. The winger also has nice hands, he has bright flashes of skill where he’s able to undress the defense and beat the goalie.

Defensively, his strength, hockey IQ, and skating ability make him a threat on the other side as well.

Wyatt Schingoethe did this all at seventeen, he was born just a month before the cutoff for the draft. He’ll spend another season in the USHL, however, I’m eager to see how he can translate his game to the next level.

My only major concern with Schingoethe is the fact that, even though he’s not too tall, he’s still able to use his frame to succeed in the USHL. However, I want to see how he’ll adapt when he gets to the college level.

Grade: B+

I actually like this pick a lot more than I did when I first saw it. I can’t really find any major holes in Schingoethe’s game, I think he’s a relatively safe pick. The Leafs will have to wait and see, I’m not sure about what else I’d want to see from him at the USHL level. If anything, I want to see if he can play centre. He’s listed as a centre on some websites and he does well skating up the middle. However, that’s not the role he succeeded in with Waterloo. It’s something I want to see him try at the USHL level, hopefully, it comes in handy later on.

If he does progress as projected, I actually think he’ll be a solid high-energy middle-six forward. In the NHL, he’ll likely play the wing and become a good third liner.

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