Ideal Kris Bryant Spots for 2021

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Something must change on the North Side. The Cubs have failed to live up to expectations once again. Maybe it is time for the Cubs to be active in the offseason. This could be the perfect time for the Cubs to retool or rebuild. What better way to start than by trading Kris Bryant?

Ideal for the Cubs

Despite Kris Bryant’s struggles as of late, he is still a former MVP, the Cubs should at least keep him out of the hands of division rivals and ideally, send him to the American League. With that in mind, let’s look at the teams.

Tampa Bay Rays

Sending Bryant to the Tampa would cover the Cubs from seeing a lot of him. Aside from the Rays being in the AL they also have the number ranked prospect pool. A trade to the Rays would not be terrible for Bryant, as the Rays are an up and coming team.

Detroit Tigers

The Tigers have the sixth-ranked prospect pool. Much like Tampa Bay, they are also an AL team. A not so good AL team at that. Meaning if the Cubs do make it back to the promised land, they will be less likely to go face-to-face with Mr. Bryant. A package with Detroit could have some good-looking prospects.

Toronto Blue Jays

Another AL team, no shock. Toronto is a good, young, and bursting at the seams with young prospects. Therefore, a deal with the Jays just makes sense. Send a veteran with championship experience to a young team and you are bound to get a good return. With Toronto looking to compete, adding Kris Bryant makes too much sense to back away from.

Ideal for Kris Bryant

Clearly, Kris Bryant wants to get paid, but like everyone else, he wants another ring. Ideally, Bryant would want to land with a true contender.

New York Yankees

It seems like every year the Yankees are in on the big fish. So why not include themselves on the Bryant sweepstakes? He can play third or the outfield and if his bat decides to show up again, he can give a major boost to an already stacked Yankees lineup. This is not the worst place for the Cubs to send their once former MVP as they, like all the others, are an AL team. Adding to the fact, when has a Cubs Yankee trade not worked out? It’s not uncommon for Chicago to make a deal with the devil.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Why not send the Vegas boy close to home? Bryant and the Dodgers just make sense on so many levels. Prior to 2020 – and I say this because it is still undetermined -the Dodgers have been great, but not great enough to win it all. With the addition of Mookie Betts, this past season things look great in Dodgers’ land. Consider an upgrade at the hot corner by adding Bryant to replace Justin Turner. Now that is an upgrade Dodgers fan would love.

San Diego Padres

Now, why would Bryant not want to play with an up and coming team like the Padres? Manny Machado may have Bryant’s primary third base locked up. But Bryant could swoop in and steal Jurickson Profar’s spot out in left-field. After the Padres entered the 2020 postseason as one of the favorites in the NL, they got dismantled by the powerhouse Dodgers. After being swept by the Dodgers the Padres could be looking to make a three-headed monster. Why not add Kris Bryant into the mix in San Diego?

Closing Thoughts

Nothing has been set in stone in Chicago, but the writing is on the wall. 2020 could very well of been the Cubs core last ride. Now is the time for the north siders to get something for Kris Bryant before he hits the open market. All six teams mentioned are good fits. The New York Yankees will be playing for Bryant’s services if he becomes available, guaranteed.

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