Kyle Filipowski Updates Recruitment

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Kyle Filipowski: Photo via 247 Sports.

Duke has recently reached out to 2022 stretch-four Kyle Filipowski to lay preliminary groundwork on a future recruitment. Kyle is a 6’10 PF from Wilbraham, Massachusetts. Currently, he is a four-star and the 82nd ranked prospect in the 2022 class on 247 Sports. I had the chance to catch up with him and see just how Duke got involved and to update his recruitment.

1. Your recruitment seems to have taken off recently. Who are some of the more recent schools to show interest in you?

Kyle: Some of the most recent schools in the past couple weeks to show interest in me are Illinois who just recently offered my brother and I, Duke, and Michigan State. Other than those few schools, I still stay in contact with schools that have already shown interest in me for a good amount of time along with my offered schools.

2. What improvements do you think have contributed to your recent uptick in interest among the bigger name schools?

Kyle: My versatility and just passion for the game. They know I have the ability to play at the highest level but they also want to know the type of person I am. This past summer I blew up with schools either showing their interest or offering me because they see how big of an impact I can have on their program. Almost every school in the country has heard of my name and seen the attention I have gotten so they are interested with getting to know me more.

3. If you could compare yourself to a player, or play style, who or what would you say?

Kyle: I would probably compare myself to a mixture of Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin because I see myself as that positionless player and when you put those two players together they can create so much for a team. With Kevin Durant’s versatility being a big guard and his perimeter abilities along with Blake Griffins inside out game is a huge advantage.

4. How has it been playing for Coach K’s nephew Andy Borman of Renaissance Hoops?

Kyle: Coach Andy Borman is an amazing guy. Definitely one of my favorite and best coaches I have played for along with my high school coach. But he is so much more than maybe being known as coach K’s nephew or being a coach. He has created his own image and respect by doing his passion by helping us players with our dreams and goals.

He’s taught and expressed to me more than basketball whether it be with the issues going on in this country or just what the right thing to do is. He’s known more than just coach K’s nephew and I don’t look at him that way at all, only as an inspiration to be better everyday.

5. What did Coach Scheyer speak you about in regards to Duke? Is that the first time hearing from Scheyer, or has there been previous contact before?

Kyle: We texted a little before connecting on the phone. Coach Scheyer seems like a great guy and I just look forward to building my relationship with him. It was a short introduction talk where he just got to know me a little bit and what he likes about me. He also talked about their program and how they do things with their recruiting.

6. What are some things that stand out to you when it comes to Duke?

Kyle: Well everyone looks at Duke and considers them as the best of the best. Elite coaches, just an extraordinary program in general. I’m just looking forward to learning more about them and building my relationship with the staff as time goes on.

7. Has Coach Scheyer to any other Duke coach mentioned about virtual visits, other meetings etc., non the future?

Kyle: No coach Scheyer didn’t mention anything about a virtual visit but he just said how he wants to stay in contact consistently to build our relationship more.

8. Lastly, how important is the relationships with the coaches of the schools interested in you? And can you expand on your current relationships with those said coaches?

Kyle: The relationships with the coaches that are interested in me means a ton. I’m going to be spending the next four years of my life at one of these colleges so having a tight bond and relationship with the coaching staff is very important to me because I will be seeing them everyday where they will have an impact on me.

I want to be surrounded by an environment of people where they will encourage me and push me to become a better player and person off the court everyday. I have some great relationships with a bunch of different coaches but I’d prefer to keep that confidential right now since I still have a long time until I decide where I’ll be going to college.

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