BREAKING: Monteal Canadiens Sign Tyler Toffoli

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On Monday, October 12th the Montreal Canadiens make a huge move Signing forward Tyler Toffoli to a 4-year contract. Toffoli was the best player for the Canadiens on the market, and they made their biggest step of free agency so far by signing him.

Long term this is a low risk, high reward move for Montreal. Toffoli is still a young player and the guy who could have a high impact on the Canadiens, as they hope to have another successful playoff run next season.

Where will he fit?

One of the biggest concerns for the Canadiens and their fans is where will Toffoli fit? My answer is on the second line. Tyler Toffoli is mainly a right-winger however if he slides to the left side. He could help form a nearly unstoppable line for the Canadiens.

I believe he could play on the Left side of Nick Suzuki and across from Josh Anderson. If he can’t, that would drop Joel Armia down to line four. Last year in the Playoffs when Brendan Gallagher went down with an injury, the Canadiens had a problem at Right-Wing as Arima ended up on the top line. Marc Bergevin took that problem seriously and has fixed it this offseason.

What Now?

This move puts the Canadiens over the Cap Ceiling. So what move will they make? Bergevin always likes to have a little bit of cap room to work with during the season. The Canadiens have been shopping players of the likes of Victor Mete. Mete could generate some value, I wouldn’t make that move if I were Bergevin. I feel like Mete is too valuable to the team, and they would really regret letting him go. Personally, I would move Jonathan Drouin, whose cap hit is much higher than Mete.

Drouin hasn’t panned out into the player the Canadiens were hoping for, to clear cap space the Canadiens have to make a move for some picks, they aren’t going to be able to bring in a player asset at this moment. So potentially the best move would be to send Paul Byron out of Montreal for a mid-round pick, Byron would give the Canadiens enough cap space to hold onto their younger assets.

Tyler Toffoli is such a great fit for the Canadiens, no matter where he plays, the Canadiens got a guy who could produce upwards of 20 goals next year. Toffoli is an impact player and it’s safe to say the Canadiens need multiple of those. And after already acquiring Josh Anderson, the Canadiens put the icing on the cake with this signing.

In Conclusion

The Canadiens are getting an extremely valuable player. Toffoli spent his entire career until last year with the Kings, and reports say the Canadiens were in contact with the Kings before Toffoli was sent to the Canucks. Bergevin got his guy and it’s time for him to show us why he wanted Tyler Toffoli so badly.

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