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Interview with Sherrard Blackledge: “I’m Game for Whatever”

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Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dana White’s Contender Series; Season 4, Week 6 victor, Sherrard Blackledge. We talked about the pros and cons of the fight game, a potential opponent; and much more! This guy reminds me of GSP with his humble, true martial artist attitude; and his all-around dominance wherever the fight takes place. Strap in, because the interview starts now! Let’s jump right in.

Interview With Sherrard Blackledge

Sherrard, how has everyday life been for you living under this global pandemic, describe how the pandemic has affected your training, and day to day to life.

Sherrard Blackledge: “It’s really stayed the same other than working, luckily fighting as a professional didn’t slow down it actually opened more opportunities. So fighting has kept me busy.” 

What are those opportunities you mentioned, if you’d like to share? And touching on your last fight: I thought Dana should’ve given you that contract, just off the sheer intensity of those first few rounds. Tell me, were you surprised that your opponent was able to hang in there until the decision?

Sherrard Blackledge: “Getting the chance to fight on the contenders was one. Honestly, I’m just happy Dana gave me another chance at proving why I belong. I knew Cameron was a tough guy but no I didn’t think he was going to make it to the decision.”

Coming into the third round: did you plan on utilizing your wrestling as much as you did? Or was that just where the fight took you that last round?

Sherrard Blackledge: “Yes, the game plan was to take him down and control him to slow him down a little because we knew he’d keep coming forward”

Watching you fight, you can tell you have a beautiful skill set. What UFC fighter or combat sports athlete, in general, has been your inspiration the most, if any? And What part of the fight is the most fun for you?

Sherrard Blackledge: “I don’t really have any fighters that inspire me. I guess everyone could be inspired to have successful careers like Conor, Khabib, and Jon Jones but no, there are none that inspire me to fight. The fight itself is the most fun. There are times where I’ll just think deep to myself while I’m in there and say ‘holy shit, I’m fighting.. this is awesome’ so yeah… I enjoy it a lot!”

Any word on potential opponents yet for your November appearance on DWCS? And if not just briefly describe some of the changes you have made to your camp or training if any, since your last fight. What do you feel like you’ve improved the most in the short time since the fight? Also, if you had the choice, would you have rather been on the ultimate fighter or DWCS?

Sherrard Blackledge: “We have an opponent just not sure if I can say! I’ve been working a lot on my wrestling! I absolutely love the cameras and all on TUF but I’m cool with one night one fight you’re in or not type deal.”

Alright, last question: What would have to be your least favorite part of the fight game, and why? Also, are there any fighters in the UFC you’d like to welcome you into the big show? Or are you set on not looking past your next opponent?

Sherrard Blackledge: “The worst part is having to diet haha… I love to eat! Right now I’m just focused on my current opponent but I’m game for whatever.”

Sherrard Blackledge after a dominant performance over Cameron Church on DWCS

So, there you have it folks! My first interview with a professional MMA fighter, and I’ve got to say; it was awesome. A huge shout out to Sherrard Blackledge for making this happen, and the best of luck to the man for his November return to DWCS.

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