2020 MLB Playoffs: The Yankees Messy Pitching

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Despite the title, we should look over what the Yankees wrong in the 2020 playoffs. There are several key factors that the organization continues to look over and will probably seem never to learn. In a three-part article series, you’ll learn about the 2020 Yankees and their failures in the 2020 MLB playoffs. First, let’s talk about the giant monkey on the back, their pitching.

How Injuries Caused the Bullpen and Starter Core to Change in the MLB Playoffs

For the pitchers who did pitch in the MLB playoffs, they suffered as well. While Gerrit Cole had several home runs hit off him, especially coming from Rays OF Randy Arozarena, Cole still managed to have some excellent games.

Masahiro Tanaka struggled against the Cleveland Indians, not showing any signs of location when he pitched. While he would perform a little better than against the Rays, it’s clear his time as a Yankee is over. Tanaka came to the Yankees in 2013, hoping to get to at least a World Series. If the Yankees do decide to re-sign him, that’s great, but I wouldn’t necessarily count on it.

Rising Stars and How the Messy Bullpen was Ruined in the MLB Playoffs

We may not ever be sure what the bullpen or even the starting rotation will look like next season. All Yankees’ fans know is that this pitching core was terrible this postseason. Having Gerrit Cole is not enough. Cole is a phenomenal pitcher, but he can’t carry the weight of the entire pitching staff on his shoulders. Having the other starters not providing their own great starts says something. This bullpen will get destroyed in the Yankees’ future MLB playoff appearances unless the starting rotation can manage to go deeper into the games.

As of now, Brian Cashman has a mission during the offseason. Acquire another pitcher to help bolster the Yankees pitching core. I’m hoping the team will see the need to sign an additional big-name pitching asset to the next season, something that would be necessary if they wish to succeed.

Next time we’ll focus on the Yankees batting struggles in this three-part series of the Yankees 2020 playoff failure.

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