Gary Sanchez Should Still Be the Catcher of the Yankees

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The New York Yankees apparently have a need for a catcher? You mean to tell me after one bad 60-game stretch we’re going to suddenly give up on our starting catcher? I hope the Yankees aren’t dumb enough to fall for that bait, because if they are, then we’ve got some poor management. If you think that Gary Sanchez shouldn’t be started and that they need to go spend $200 million dollars on JT Realmuto, settle down. Ryan’s going to have to teach you why Gary Sanchez should still be the starting catcher of the Yankees.

60-Game Sample Sizes Aren’t Enough

I guess since we are going by 60 game stretches we should say this too:

The Cubs should bench Baez who was awful offensively this season. Kris Bryant cannot hit for his life. Christian Yelich is a mediocre offensive player. Shane Bieber is the best pitcher on the planet. See how ridiculous these statements sound? That’s because, through 60 games, you can’t make any rational conclusions about a player. I get that Gary stunk it up this season, but it again was less than half of a full season. In 60 games last season Chad Green had a 9.17 ERA. Yea, 9.17. Should they have shipped him off because of that?

No, because you don’t make decisions based off of 60 games.

Gary Sanchez Has Hit the Ball the Opposite Way MORE Than Ever

“HE NEVER HITS THE OTHER WAY” you may tell yourself behind your screen. Yes, Gary Sanchez is a big pull hitter and had the highest pull% of his career at 57.6% in 2020. However, since 2019 he’s also had the highest opposite field% of his career. He simply didn’t hit the ball up the middle much. If you’re going to rip him for that, just remember that Luke Voit is identical in terms of batted ball data in where the ball is placed. Are you really going to complain about Luke Voit?

Gary Sanchez’s best offensive seasons actually came when his opposite-field percentage was the lowest. Don’t tell the man to hit the ball opposite field, because it has literally nothing to do with his struggles.

Unluckiest Man In Baseball

I think the baseball gods may truly just despise Gary. In 2019 he had a .448 BA on balls in play that were hit 100 MPH. In 2020? It was .267. That’s beyond unbelievable and is a sign of some poor batted-ball luck. His BABIP since 2018 is a whopping .212, can Gary catch a break? You’re so quick to give up on him, yet last year in 106 games he led all catchers in longballs, was 5th among catchers with 300 PA in wRC+, and was 4th in wOBA, and was 2nd in xwOBA. He’s a fine hitter, and to place a 60 game season as the reason to move off of him is pretty ignorant.

Gary Sanchez powers a grand salami for the Yankees in the clutch.

Cold Stretches Are Normal

In a 162 game season, a bad 49 games can hurt your stats for sure, but they won’t define the entire season. That’s only 30.2% of the games in a full 162. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s look at Gary’s career and see when else he’s had bad pockets.

2017: 24 games, 63 wRC

That was the “last year” he was good right? Interesting how narratives just get swept under the rug if they help Gary.

2019: 42 games, 67 wRC+

Wait … what? How? Impossible! Does this mean cold stretches over 20-40 games are normal? That’s interesting to note, isn’t it? Now let me drop the final heartbreaker on Yankees’ fans: JT Realmuto makes no sense for the Yankees at all.

J.T Realmuto Isn’t Worth It For the Yankees

J.T Realmuto is a better catcher than Gary, that’s pretty obvious. That being said, are they really going to pay him $200 million when there they have other, much more pressing matters? Yes, he’s defensively an upgrade, but Sanchez scored a -0.8 FRM which is around average for a catcher in 2020 (-1.1).

If we want to talk about streaky, why can’t we bring up Realmuto having 48 games in 2019 with a 78 wRC+? That’s worse than 2018 Gary (91 wRC+). Do you guys want to be objective? Let’s be consistently objective then. Gary Sanchez and a better bullpen and rotation are better than any acquisition they can make at the catching position. Get over yourselves.

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