Why Iowa Will Be A Top Disappointing Team This Season


College basketball is just over a month away and all the die-hard college basketball fans are starting to see teams practice and getting their schedules put together. For me, I look at the AP Top 25 polls and try and create my own. The top five I put together was as followed:

  1. Baylor
  2. Gonzaga
  3. Villanova
  4. Virginia
  5. Iowa

Iowa Hawkeyes

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Photo credit from Hawks Central.

We all know the star of the team and maybe even the country, which is Luka Garza. But does Iowa have enough power to uphold the hype that they are going to get? I don’t think so. Last season the Big Ten was a monster of a conference, having SIX ranked teams inside of the AP Top 25 poll. Iowa finished the season 20-11 (11-9).

Luka Garza obviously led the way for the Hawkeyes being named an All American first team nominee and named Big Ten POY. He averaged an astonishing 24 points a game and 10 rebounds. But what else was there on the team? Joe Wieskamp was the second-leading scorer on the team with 14 points per game.

With all the players who started the games for Iowa all returning, they are getting praise from me, and a lot of others being put inside the preseason top 25 lists. But I do not think they will stay there. I say this because Iowa finished tied for fifth in the conference, with plenty of games behind first place. Teams like Wisconsin, who finished first in the Big Ten, and Illinois will be outstanding once again and other teams across the country will be better off than Iowa.

Iowa may start off as the fifth-best team in the country in the preseason polls, but I do not believe that they will be the most overhyped of the teams of that caliber and will drop below the top five.

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