Maryland Basketball Expectations For the 2020-21 Season

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What type of team should we expect?

Unfortunately, I don’t think we should be getting the type of team from last year. Expect Maryland to be in the middle With that being said, this should be team who should finish in the lower half in arguably the best confrence for college basketball in the BIG 10.

This year 1 the perfect opportunity for players like Eric Ayala and Darryl Morsell to prove themselves considering Maryland lost their top two scoring options. This year, Maryland is going to be a small team that could lead to getting outrebounded most games. Since Maryland will be a small team this year, matchups against Luka Garza, Kofi Cockburn, and Trayce Jackson-Davis are going to be a living nightmare for this year’s Maryland team. However, I strongly believe the guards this year will be phenomenal. Getting into the NCAA tournament could be out of this picture.

Do we blame Turgeon?

No, we should definitely not blame Turgeon. He has proven he can win at the highest stage in college basketball. He has a great mind for the game that could tremendously help the Terrapins out this year. Every team has a one-off year, and I believe this is the off-year for the Terrapins.

Turgeon is one the best recruiters in all of college basketball, and he is going to bring in some serious talent in the next year to make up for this possibly bad season. Many people hate Turegon for losing games they should have won or for slowly starting the game, but this year, I believe he will doubt the haters wrong as he will lead them to a better season than most are expecting.

What players should we watch out for?

  1. Marcus Dockery- Dockery may not start this year, but expect him to be a spark off of the bench with his great shooting and playmaking abilities. Coming from a top school like Brewster Academy, Maryland fans should have absolutely no worries about Dockery’s experience of playing at a low level. In my opinion, I believe he could be the next great guard to come out of Maryland. In 2-3 years he could really become a special player.
  2. Darryl Morsell- In his past three years, Darryl Morsell has not been the top scoring option for Maryland. This year he will have to be a top-scoring option and playmaker. He has proved he is one of the best defenders in college basketball. With that being said, he scoring hasn’t always been there. This is his last opportunity to show NBA scouts he is capable of playing at that level in the next year. Terrapin fans should expect a great defender who will become more of a threat on offense this year.
  3. Aaron Wiggins- He has shown little flashes of potential, but this year I believe he will evolve. Wiggins has shown the world that he can score the ball in an efficient way. There is no denying he’s a great shooter. This year I believe he will the number one scoring option in terms of offense. There have been times where he has not been consistent enough on offense. However, this year I believe the scoring will go to another level, and he will be able to score the ball at three levels. This might be a bold statement, but by the end of this season, Aaron Wiggins could become one of the best players in college basketball.

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