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Jack Cartwright – After 2 Successful Title Defences, What’s Next for the Undefeated Champ?

If I took anything away from Cage Warriors 115, it’s that there isn’t much that Jack Cartwright cannot do in a Mixed Martial Arts cage.

Jack capped off the second night of The Trilogy in emphatic style recently, submitting his opponent Gerardo Fanny in the first round. The performance gave new meaning to the word clinical, looking almost effortless for the still-undefeated Mancunian, who now sits at 9-0 in his professional MMA career, and 4-0 in Cage Warriors.

The submission was a change in tact for Jack Cartwright, who usually prefers to swing for the bleachers and hunt the knockout. It’s a strategy that’s worked for him thus far, owing to the fact he apparently hits like a heavyweight and is aware how much the crowd love a good brawl. So, despite being a former national champion in wrestling, those skills are mainly reserved for defence rather than offense.

This time around, I suppose he had a point to prove, as he’d shot for a takedown on Gerardo within minutes of the first round. It went down a treat, and before long, Cartwright had made short work of Gerardo’s ground defence and wrapped up an arm triangle to finish the night in style. Point proven if you ask me.

That’s two title defences for the champion now, who shows no signs of slowing down. What’s next for so dominant a fighter? At 9-0, and such a sprawling collection of finishes, I’d expect Jack to be snatched up by a larger promotion sooner rather than later. Bellator, or Jack’s personal goal of UFC, can’t be far away.

If not, there’s one fight I would absolutely love to see while Jack Cartwright remains in Cage Warriors – Luke Shanks, the brand-new flyweight champ.

It’s a longshot, I know, but hear me out. Shanks fought the night before Jack, in the main event of Cage Warriors 115, and put on his own dominant performance against then-champ Samir Faiddine. It was a fight of absolute graft from Shanks, who outworked is opponent at every possible second. It didn’t matter where the fight took place – on the feet, against the cage, wherever – Luke worked his backside off. He showed zero signs of intimidation or pressure, and simply put the work in to get what he wanted.

I think a man like that would make a great opponent for Cartwright, who no doubt has built himself a reputation now which hangs over his opponent’s heads before fights. It must be daunting to fight a man who’s lethal anywhere, with such a woozy list of finishes to his name. But I don’t think any of that would bother Luke Shanks. Looking at raw skills, Jack perhaps would have the advantage over Shanks, but in terms of work-rate, Shanks is something else. If he comes out like he did against Faiddine, that is.

Cage Warriors has shown they’re happy for fighters to jump around divisions and hunt multiple belts. Just ask Mason Jones, who recently did just that. I think if both men are willing, and can make weight, that’s the fight to make. Jack Cartwright has proven he can devour any contender put in front of him, and I doubt it will be long before he gets gobbled up by a larger promotion.

What better way to utilise his talent while he’s still around than a super-fight with a brand-new champion? A champion who just made a massive statement of his own, no less, and is sure to have some buzz around him for the foreseeable future. Graham Boylan, thank me later. Just don’t take too long, I can see Dana rubbing his hands together already.

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