Montreal Canadiens Re-Sign Brendan Gallagher

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It’s often said that a sports team always needs a heart and soul player. The guy who can motivate his team and keep the spirits high, and a guy who leads by example and always makes a play when the team needs it the most. The Montreal Canadiens have locked up their Heart and Soul for 6 more years. Brendan Gallagher signed a contract on Wednesday with the Canadiens that will keep him in Montreal for the bulk of the rest of his career.

Brendan Gallagher is the best player the Canadiens have currently and with changes coming upfront, younger players starting to take over the team, Gallagher keeps his spot, and it’s probably one of the most important for the Canadiens. Gallagher proved himself in the regular season and the playoffs as a guy the Canadiens can lean on when needed the most. The deal comes less than 24 hours after reports that the two sides had broken off discussions.

Brendan Gallagher Always Puts Team First

This contract is incredibly team-friendly as well. Brendan Gallagher will be making $6.5 million per year for 6 years. The deal also comes with a full no-trade-clause. Gallagher wants to stay a Canadien for as long as he can, and the fans want the same.

Gallagher helped the team last year recording 43 points in 59 games played. He has the potential to be a consistent 30+ goal scorer and we saw that potential shine through in 2017 and 2018. Gallagher isn’t often mentioned in the conversation of top-line players, but he’s the best the Canadiens have. He has been on the top line for 3+ years and has proved he belongs.

His size might fool you, but you don’t want to mess with Brendan Gallagher. He is one of the smartest players in the league, and he won’t back down if he’s challenged. For being a small guy, Gallagher is tough, gritty, and a great playmaker. He isn’t afraid to go down low and get in battles in the corner, which, with the young team the Canadiens have, he has a chance to become a fantastic influence.

As a Canadiens fan, I am pumped to have Brendan Gallagher back in the Canadiens colours for another 6 years.

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