JB’s Week Seven (un)-Biased NFL Power Rankings

It’s that time of the week again! Monday Night Football is all wrapped up so that makes it the perfect time for our NFL Power Rankings!

As always, while I truly am trying to be as subjective as possible during the writing of this article, I do acknowledge that it is impossible to not be biased towards your favorite NFL team, and against your rivals. With the explanation for the headline out of the way, let’s get in to what you came to see!

1 | Kansas City Chiefs | 5-1 | last week (1)

The Chiefs go as Patrick Mahomes goesand Andy Reid surely knows that. If Kansas City wants to continue to pound the ball like it did against Buffalo– 46 carries for 245 yards– they are going to need multiple backs. KC solved that problem by signing running back Le’Veon Bell.

2 | Baltimore Ravens | 5-1 | last week (2)

Baltimore needed these last two get-right games as they head into their bye week. They can use that extra time to prepare for the number three team on this list, one that keeps moving up each week.

3 | Pittsburgh Steelers | 5-0 | last week (5)

The Browns thought they were ready to challenge the big boys in the NFC North, and the Steelers had to say “Not Yet”. It was utter domination on Sunday, a good sign that this team is going to challenge Baltimore.

4 | Tampa Bay Buccaneers | 4-2 | last week (10)

The Bucs’ defense leads the NFC in sack percentage and are steadily creeping up the leader boards in time of possession and passing yards per game. A team that is top-five in those categories is usually a one or two seed.

5 | Green Bay Packers | 4-1 | last week (4)

Aaron Rodgers should have just pumped one more time if he knew his team was going to take a dump after that drive. All jokes aside, the offense was thrown off it’s game-plan on Sunday and struggled to adjust, is that a sign of things to come?

6 | Seattle Seahawks | 5-0 | last week (7)

Russell Wilson and Jamal Adams have this team playing with their heads fire, but how long can they keep it up? The Seattle defense gives up almost 500 yards per game…

7 | Tennessee Titans | 5-0 | last week (8)

This team, whether you like what they have done or not, sure is resilient. Mike Vrabel is showing that he is one of the best coaches in the league and Ryan Tannehill has played like an MVP since he took over last year.

8 | Buffalo Bills | 4-0 | last week (3)

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs were made for each other. but when they fail to connect for huge games, what is this offense’s identity?

9 | San Fransisco 49ers | 3-3 | last week (9)

Kyle Shanahan has done a good job beating inferior opponents while Jimmy Garoppolo has been out. Now is where they prove their spot in these rankings, when they start to play some good teams. They started off great by beating the Rams last week.

10 | Los Angeles Rams | 4-2 | last week (6)

The Rams tiptoe the line between finesse and soft. When teams hit them in the mouth, they try to sneak their way out of it, instead of hitting them back. This team is too well coached and too talented to keep losing games like they did last week.

11 | Indianapolis Colts | 4-2 | last week (13)

The Colts could be so much higher considering I love the young, fast defense that they are building. I l also love their offensive line, running backs and head coach. What I do not love is the quarterback, sorry Philip Rivers.

NFL Power Rankings

12 | Arizona Cardinals | 4-2 | last week (17)

This team seems to have found its running game, and that is scary for the rest of the NFL. One thing to keep an eye on is air yards. Kyler Murray averages 5.8 air yards per completion, ranking 22nd in the NFL. If teams start to key in on these short passes, Arizona will need to adjust.

13 | New Orleans Saints | 3-2 | last week (11)

The Saints are considering moving some games to the LSU’s home field. This would allow fans to show up, and hopefully one of those fans has a magical serum for Drew Brees arm.

14 | Cleveland Browns | 4-2 | last week (12)

The Browns are being tasked with winning games without their starting running back. That means more on the shoulders of Baker Mayfield, and that also meant a loss to the Steelers.

15 | New England Patriots | 2-3 | last week (14)

The Patriots are under .500 for the first time since 2002. Let that sink in. For the first time……since 2002…..that’s a feat to be amazed by. This years Patriots team, however, amazes in different ways. Some weeks it has been the offense, some the defense, but overall they just seem to be lackluster. There is still a lot of time for the best coach of all time to turn it around.

16 | Chicago Bears | 5-1 | last week (18)

Chicago just keeps on picking up wins. The defense is top-ten in every category…except a few key one’s. They are just 14th in the league against the run, and just 15th in sack percentage. Having a better pass defense than run defense worked for New England last year, until it didn’t.

17 | Las Vegas Raiders | 3-2 | last week (19)

Derek Carr said he is sick of losing and showed it in the best way he possibly could. He led his team to an upset win over the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs. They will look to ride that momentum all the way into a playoff spot.

18 | Minnesota Vikings | 1-5 | last week (15)

The Vikings tied themselves to Mike Zimmer and Kirk Cousins for the next three years, the problem is, those two might be the two main issues on the team. Cousins interceptions are becoming as laughable as the age difference between Zimmer and his girlfriend.

19 | Carolina Panthers | 3-3 | last week (23)

The Panthers have undergone more changes than practically every team in the past few years. Big props to Matt Rhule for having this team ready to compete and win games, even without Christian McCaffrey.

20 | Miami Dolphins | 3-3 | last week (24)

Ryan Fitzpatrick will cede way for Tu’a Tagovailoa in week eight, a move that will carry on throughout the year. That will not mean a whole lot more winning in Miami, however. This team is still a year away from competing for division titles and playoff wins.

21 | Dallas Cowboys | 2-4 | last week (16)

Dallas is going downhill, fast. Once thought of as a top-ten team, the Cowboys are now nowhere near it. The only reason this team will be playing in January is because of the terrible division that they play in.

22 | Detroit Lions | 2-3 | last week (25)

The Lions won on Sunday, but more importantly, they had a 14 point lead and didn’t blow it. That in itself, is a huge accomplishment for the struggling franchise.

23 | Los Angeles Chargers | 1-4 | last week (20)

The Chargers got everyone excited, and then let them down. That’s the story of their existence, not just a summary of last their game against the Saints.

24 | Houston Texans | 1-5 | Last week (22)

I go for two all the time when it is late in the game and i’m up six. I want to make it a nine point lead and make the game out of reach….the problem is i’m playing Madden.

25 | Philadelphia Eagles | 1-4-1 | last week (21)

Despite how terribly awful this team has looked, they still have a shot to make the playoffs with how bad Dallas has looked.

26 | Atlanta Falcons | 1-5 | last week (28)

Atlanta fired their coach and then went on to score ten points in each quarter. Maybe all they needed was a little consistency? This team has the talent to climb these rankings if they can play sound, together football.

27 | Denver Broncos | 2-3 | last week (27)

This team plays very hard despite all of the injuries and talent deficiencies. Also, Drew Lock is not being given much of a chance to prove himself as a franchise QB. Those two combined mean the team might be out of the top ten. Between too much effort and also needing to know more about Lock, it takes them out of the top-ten quarterback conversation. Sorry, Trevor Lawrence to Denver fans.

NFL Power Rankings

28 | Jacksonville Jaguars | 1-5 | last week (26)

The Jaguars have predictably fallen back to earth after a week one win against the Colts. They have also fallen back into the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes.

29 | Washington Football Team | 1-5 | last week (29)

Head coach Ron Rivera deserves more than what this franchise has thrown at him, and so do the fans. That week one win was as well deserved as any win I can remember. They’re gonna need to hold onto that one for a bit, though. This is a bad football team.

30 | Cincinnati Bengals | 1-4-1 | last week (30)

If they Bengals can spend the off-season upgrading the defense, as well as they upgraded the offense last off-season, 2021 will be a great year in Cincinnati.

31| New York Giants | 1-5 | last week (31)

The Giants made a coaching change in the off-season, but not enough changes to the roster to make me believe in them this season. They do have the benefit of playing in possibly the worst division in football. That is still unlikely to take them above the .500 mark even once all year.

32 | New York Jets | 0-6 | last week (32)

Same blurb the last six weeks, not changing it until they change coaches. The Adam Gase experiment has been an epic failure, and Joe Douglas might be going down with him.

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