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Red Sox 2021 Schedule Released: Full Breakdown

Following a rollercoaster 2020 regular season, the Boston Red Sox are now focused on 2021. Although they only played 60 games this year, next season is scheduled to have the standard 162 games. We are still unsure of how the team will look on opening day, however, we do know who the Sox will be facing.

Similar to last season, Boston will open up their season against the Baltimore Orioles. The Sox will play their first two series at home before heading down to Baltimore for their first road series.

Schedule Breakdown:

  • Baltimore Orioles: 9 Home, 10 Away
  • Toronto Blue Jays: 9 Home, 9 Away
  • New York Yankees: 10 Home, 9 Away
  • Tampa Bay Rays: 9 Home, 7 Away
  • Minnesota Twins: 3 Home, 4 Away
  • Chicago White Sox: 4 Home, 3 Away
  • Seattle: 4 Home, 3 Away
  • New York Mets: 2 Home, 2 Away
  • Texas Rangers: 3 Home, 4 Away,
  • Detroit Tigers: 3 Home, 3 Away
  • Oakland A’s: 3 Home, 3 Away
  • Los Angeles Angels: 3 Home, 3 Away
  • Philadelphia Phillies 3 Home, 3 Away
  • Atlanta Braves: 2 Home, 2 Away
  • Miami Marlins: 3 Home
  • Houston Astros: 3 Home, 4 Away
  • Kansas City Royals: 4 Home,
  • Cleveland Indians: 3 Home, 3 Away
  • Washington Nationals: 3 Away

The Red Sox will face a wide variety of teams this season. If they want to be back in the playoffs next October, it will be important to play well against the Rays and Yankees, two 2020 playoff teams.

Although the season will not start until April 1st, the Red Sox are already focused on turning things around in 2021. After the World Series, we can expect the Red Sox to hire a manager within the coming weeks. Some potential candidates for the manager position are Jason Varitek, Matt Quatraro, and potentially former skipper Alex Cora.

A long offseason is ahead of us, but now that we know the schedule for next year, we know what to expect for the next season in terms of matchups. Only time will tell how the Red Sox will look on opening day against Baltimore.

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