The NHL’s Good and Bad Offseason Moves


The Good Offseason Moves

This season was chaotic, to say the least. With a flat salary cap, the offseason moves have been good and bad. The offseason has been wild and full of drama. With all the big fish off the market, it is now time to go over the good and the bad offseason moves.

Solid offseason moves
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Tyson Barrie signed a one-year redemption contract with the Edmonton Oilers for 3.75 million dollars. This past season, Barrie has regressed on the powerplay with the Toronto Maple Leafs. If he can get ice time with the number one unit, maybe he will get back to his elite puck-moving game. The Edmonton Oilers did a good job with another signing. Kyle Turris signed a 2-year contract worth 1.65 million dollars AAV. This is another low-risk contract that can end up being extremely valuable.

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Henrik Lundqvist signs with the Washington Capitals for one year on a contract worth 1.55 million dollars. This is a great low-risk signing, as he becomes a mentor for starting goaltender Ilya Samsonov.

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Joe Thornton goes to the Toronto Maple Leafs for 1-year worth 700k. This is a low-risk contract that will supplement the bottom-6 really well. He has been regressing in his production but he will fit really well in a bottom-6 role.

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Jacob Markstrom signs a huge 6-year deal with a 6 million dollars AAV with the Calgary Flames. This might seem steep, but in order to make a serious run to the playoffs, this is what they needed to do. For the last decade, they had 5 goaltenders that failed to get them to the Cup. Markstrom is a different breed from all of them. There won’t be any banking on fringe starting goaltenders. Markstrom is about to enter his prime and is already a top-ten goaltender. Keeping him through his prime keeps the Flames’ Cup window open.

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Taylor Hall signed a 1-year 8 million dollar contract with the Buffalo Sabres. This came highly unexpected due to him wanting to be on a Cup-ready team, but it happened. He will be a great addition on the first line and is a very good no-risk contract. The problem will be next season trying to resign him.

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T.J. Brodie signed a 4-year contract worth 5 million dollars AAV with the Toronto Maple Leafs. His numbers were down this season but has still had an exceptional season. He is a well-rounded defenseman that will compliment the Maple Leafs.

Devon Toews got traded from the New York Islanders to the Colorado Avalanche for a 2021 2nd round pick and a 2022 2nd round pick. He has put up insane numbers the past two seasons, yet he is still one of the most underrated players. He has great defense along with a nice supplement of offense. The Avalanche also traded Nikita Zadorov to the Chicago Blackhawks for Brandon Saad. This makes Toews a huge upgrade from Zadorov and they only traded two 2nd round picks. This is maybe one of the best offseason moves.

The New Jersey Devils took advantage of the cap situation and traded a 2021 5th round pick to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Ryan Murray. The Devils also traded Joey Anderson to the Maple Leafs for Andreas Johnsson. These two players will help New Jersey fly through their rebuild.

The Bad Offseason Moves

The Montreal Canadiens trade Max Domi and a 2020 3rd round pick to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Josh Anderson. This might be a closer trade if Josh Anderson gets back to his 2018 season form. Anderson can still be considered an upgrade from Domi but the problem is Anderson recently signed a massive 7-year deal worth 5.5 million dollars AAV. He was injured this season and only had one good year before the signing. Hopefully, he lives up to the contract. Just seems like a reach to get a better player but with a huge contract that he isn’t living up to yet.

Jack Johnson signs a 1-year deal worth 1.15 million dollars with the New York Rangers. His defense statistically has suffered the past three seasons and he has no offense to back it up. It is a totally unnecessary sign due to him taking away ice time with up and coming youngsters or he will just sit on the bench. This by far is one of the worst offseason moves.

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