Daddy’s Back – Steelers Rout the Browns in Week Six 38-7


Ok, it is funny, but it is also a very common saying around Steelers Nation. When asking the Cleveland Browns ‘Who’s your daddy?” the name Ben Roethlisberger is on everyone’s lips. With that being said, let’s look at what else happened to show that the Browns just couldn’t compete with in my week six Steelers recap.

Daddy is Back in the Saddle

After an emotionally draining injury and surgery last year, Roethlisberger has not only come back but seems to have gotten stronger. He has said many times, stats are not important to him, wins are what he is looking for. That is what he goes for and with the number of weapons he has, that is what he has been getting. He only threw for 162 yards with one touchdown, disappointing for those who have him on their fantasy team. But he is great at using every weapon at his disposal.

Ben did not do much in the box score, but that was because he didn’t have to. Three touchdowns were scored on the ground by Pittsburgh, and these were all by different running backs. James Conner, Benny Snell, and rising star Chase Claypool (who tied the record for most TD’s by a WR in the first five games since 1970) all made their mark on the scoreboard.

Frustrating the Browns with Defense

As well as the offense was doing, the defense was confusing and frustrating the Browns just as much. It was so much so that in the fourth quarter, several starters were taken out. A move that basically conceded the game in most people’s eyes. This Included Odell Beckham Jr, who was seen throwing down his helmet, punching a cooler and taking off his cleats and gloves. He was eventually calmed down by an assistant coach, but it was a frustration felt by many players on the Browns.

week six Steelers recap

The defense jumped to the attack early in the game when Minkah Fitzpatrick scored a pick-6 against quarterback Baker Mayfield. This was just the first of many insults Mayfield endured during the game before finally being pulled in the fourth quarter. Already banged up and sore from other games, he was sacked four times by the strong Steeler defense. The defense kept their streak going and is now at 62 games in a row with at least one sack.

One major downside to the day was the injury of Devin Bush, who tore his ACL in his knee. This injury was a season-ender ,as it required surgery and then the healing and rehab time. Robert Spillane filled in for him for the rest of the game, and has stated he is confident he can fill his shoes for the rest of the year.

Coaching on Point

Head coach Mike Tomlin gets an awful lot of criticism when the Steelers do anything wrong. However, he doesn’t get near enough credit for what he does to help them win. This was a very emotional and high level of importance game. After last year’s fight, it would be easy for a team to have their heads in the wrong place.

The best way to beat the Browns, though, was exactly how they did, on the field. The maturity level and the control that the players on the Steelers are showing so far this year is amazing. A great head coach helps motivate his players to concentrate on wins and check their egos and temper at the door. Nay sayers aside, he has been, and will be a great coach for year to come.

Bottom Line

The Steelers are hitting on all cylinders, scoring on defense as well as offense. Scoring with so many different weapons that teams have no clue how to fully cover them. Now heading into week seven and a matchup against one of the other undefeated teams in the NFL– the Tennessee Titans. This game is the reschedule of the week four game that was postponed due to COVID positive results on the Titans. Do the Steelers have what it takes to stay undefeated? We will see next week.

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