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DJ LeMahieu Leaving Might Be Best For the Yankees

The New York Yankees are a team with some heavy questions this offseason, regarding DJ LeMahieu. Four years with this core and four years with painful playoff defeats. It’s a team that cannot get over the hump and win a title. Teams like the Rays, Astros, and Red Sox have beaten the snot out of them when they went on their runs, but a Yankee who’s been beloved is DJ LeMahieu. He’s an impending free agent and Yankee fans want the vault opened up for them. While yes the team definitely benefits from him, to pay him $25 million for 4-5 years might be detrimental to the team.

Yankee fans, prepare for life without DJ.

DJ LeMahieu is Not Worth More Than $20 Million A Year

Yes, I think he is a top 2 2B in the sport and one of the best bats in all of baseball. He is one of the best players on this Yankee team, but that doesn’t mean with a limited budget we should pay him 25 million a year for 4 years. That’s a $100 million dollar deal for a 32-year-old. It’s going to stink to see DJ LeMahieu elsewhere, but unless he plays on a discount, the Yankees are going to part ways. You don’t pay a guy who’s 32 $100 million to play for you when your holes are in the rotation and bullpen.

Needing Other Players WAY More

I can make a significantly better argument that if you took that $25 million you could better your team much more than by getting just DJ. The Yankees could use it to pay RHP Trevor May $8 million per year, LHP Jake McGee $9 million per year, and Joc Pederson at $10 million on a prove-it deal. That’s $30 million spent on two really good relievers and a platoon player for your outfield who kills RHP. The Yankees also still need a replacement for DJ which could be Andrelton Simmons at $12 million on a one-year deal. Let’s say you then go out and give Paxton the qualifying offer ($19 million) which in total is $59 million spent and all of your possible holes are covered.

THAT is how the Yankees should spend, on multiple guys, not just DJ LeMahieu

World Series Winners Have Role Players

The Yankees bench right now is? Mike Tauchman? Mike Ford? TYLER WADE? These aren’t platoon players you can play every day or to face a tough RHP/LHP. I love me some Mike Ford, but how the heck is he the guy up to face a RHP in an elimination game? Imagine if they had Joc Pederson to face RHP (128 wRC+ career against them) they could’ve won that game.

Little things like that make ROLE players more valuable than one star. I want multiple players to contribute value in different areas of the team, like relievers for the bullpen, starters, and bats to face tough RHP or be defensively sound.

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